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Joyeuse fête nationale !

Où fêter le 14 juillet 2011 en Amérique du Nord ? Where are you going to celebrate “Bastille Day”? États-Unis d’Amérique, dépendances et Bahams Boston : 7-24 juillet : Festival du Film Français Où fêter le 14 juillet à New York ? New Jersey – French Institute Alliance Française Où

Is this the End ?

It’s been close to eight years now since first appeared on the web with a clear mission: to be a Watchdog dedicated to documenting anti-French attitudes and commentary in the world of politics, media and entertainment. I enjoyed this endeavor, I was proud to do the work so many

Barack Obama Has Declared France Is America’s Greatest Ally

Following yesterday’s meeting at the White House between American President Barack Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, a wave of indignation has arisen in the United Kingdom over Obama’s latest remarks. By declaring France America’s greatest ally, not only are we lights years away from the days of French Bashing