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Adieu Jay

05.15.2009 · Posted in Educating Jay

You called my people cowards on a nightly basis for years based on your skewed perception of events in World War II and your willingness to please the Bush administration before and during the Iraq war. [Read Jay’s Anti-French material] While it is a fact our leadership betrayed us and surrendered us to the enemy ...

Tell Us Your French Bashing Story

11.17.2008 · Posted in Educating Jay, Pop Culture, Research

“Educating Jay”, the documentary about Miquelon.org’s cross country road trip to educate the Tonight Show host Jay Leno on the role of the French in American history is now in Post-production. We’d love to hear Your French Bashing Story. Let your voice be heard. Be a part of this documentary. Tell us your story ! ...

Jay Leno & French Bashing

06.13.2007 · Posted in Editorials, Educating Jay

It’s been quite a few months since Jay Leno last bashed the French on the Tonight Show. In fact, some of us thought the Educating Jay project had been met with some success (Comments made to James Woods of Shark on January 18 2007). Despite our efforts, Jay Leno and his team of writers decided ...