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  1. Salut,

    There was some really bad French-bashing on ABC’s Last Man Standing (Tim Allen). I forgot the word he used, but it was a joke about how Benjamin Franklin liked “disgusting”(?) things… he hung around the French a lot.

    I turned it off and am not watching this show anymore. And I sent a couple of emails to ABC about it.

    Thank you

    1. well done…just set up google new alerts..a lot in britain – just type France or French and the news is almost 90% negative- every fu*king day!!!

  2. Journalist NABILA RAMDANI writes in London and has won numerous awards for her apparent campaign for truth..but at the end of the day, she is an eloquent french-basher and I have uncovered from the UN that she is actually quite the trouble maker among her peers.

    She hides nothing in her detest for France and its so-called islamaphobia. Its ironic because she won awards from France and FUNDING…yet still she demolishes France in her articles, of course ignoring all facts and evidence. Anyone who has ever been to France knows French are really being BULLIED by their muslim immigrants -plenty of evidence of violence, crime, intolerance towards nonmuslims, etc…so it is pretty evil for Nabila to attack France for intolerance when the country she looks up to, Algeria, doesnt allow bacis religious freedoms or women/minority rights…

  3. Bonjour Marc,
    Even better than francestinks: [email protected] has pulled the plug ( The hatemonger in charge, [redacted], leaves a partial mirror at eupolitique which mostly consists of infighting among Americans. And even that may not last long according to the posting at the former ff.
    Allelujah! It just remains to be seen where the negative energy spends itself next, but hopefully the infrastructure for francophobe bile is that much weaker.

  4. I discovered a blog based in Black Paris IN FRANCE where French women are being blamed for the lynching of Black men IN AMERICA. It does seem to me the 2000 Presidential (and 2004) election is being taken on French just to have a sense of voting power over somebody…….anybody French. Never mind how Jewish voters’ rights in Florida were violated as well since they supported Lieberman. Don’t hear much about that.

  5. Hi,

    I’d like you to e-mail me. I’m doing a revolutionary paper on the Battle of France that has support from a number of historical revisionists in academia concerning the French military and a French general even. I’m close to finishing it but have obligations to tend to before making a closing argument to one of many theses where I argue blitzkrieg didn’t exist (a bit trollish, but the argument is compelling).

    So go ahead. It is time to set the record straight. By the way, that “colonel” (of course, some air force clown) has the IQ of a diseased banana rat. 😀


  6. Hi I work for a French production company called O2B Films we are currently producing a documentary film on French Bashing. I believe you could be very helpful to our project. Could you please send me an email direclty ?
    I thank you for your time and am looking forward to reading you very soon.
    Best regards

  7. Hello,
    My name is Lucie Richard, I’m french and I study in a journalism school. I am actually writing a thesis on the topic ” the role of medias in the French Bashing”. I would like, if it is possible, to interview someone who workes for Is it possible ? It would be very interesting for my thesis.
    Thank you,
    Best regards,


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