Joyeuse fête nationale !

Où fêter le 14 juillet 2011 en Amérique du Nord ?
Where are you going to celebrate “Bastille Day”?

États-Unis d’Amérique, dépendances et Bahams


Saint-Pierre et Miquelon

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  1. Meanwhile on twitter

    Just added the following update to our most tweeted article from 2009: “About that French Surrender thing

    Update (14 July 2011): Welcome to one of our most-tweeted articles. It seems everytime the French are mentioned anywhere in the media, legions of lemmings reach for their tweeting apparatus to make rather lame and pathetic “French Surrender” jokes. Be it Strauss-Kahn, Libya, Tennis, Bastille Day, Women’s Soccer.

  2. I celebrated on Smith Street in Brooklyn, NY and on 60th Street in Manhattan on Sunday, 7/10/11.  It was fun.

  3. I was in Miami Beach, a few places in Miami had little festivals for the French!  I enjoyed a few, and enjoyed a light lunch at The Park Central Hotel, des moules dans la sauce de tomate…pas mal!

    It was a bit sad though….5 French soldiers killed only a day before in A-stan, I saw no mention of this in US news….at least not that I could see.  The anti-French Right  must be very pleased.

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