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Blog Wars

09.28.2012 · Posted in Comedians, Pop Culture, Quotes, State of the Web

Mark Wiberg really wants you to read his entry about Miquelon.org. Why don’t you just do him a favor? Let’s give him the attention he craves and come back here to discuss his entry? Mark Wiberg’s entry: French Bashing Fixers – Miquelon.org knows best. Enjoy! ...

Randy Kagan

06.15.2008 · Posted in Comedians, Editorials

[Résumé en français dans la section des commentaires] Ever heard the “joke” about the Frenchman who goes to Venice Beach but doesn’t know this is where L.A.’s sewer is discharged into the ocean? The punch line being the fact he emerges with what he thinks is a tan – not realizing he’s covered in faecal ...