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French Bashing Is Here To Stay

07.15.2011 · Posted in Editorials, Freedom Fries

Whether it’s Women’s Soccer, DSK, Tennis, Bastille Day or a sponsored hash-tag – the web remains rife with anti-French prejudice and sentiment. Brian Moylan of Gawker.com thinks he can do better than Cracked.com with his weak list of “10 things we should send back to France”. We’re guessing Ryan Tate(1) was too busy. @LukeRussert (2) ...

Rumsfeld takes aim at Schroeder, Chirac in new memoir

02.08.2011 · Posted in Freedom Fries, Politics

“More troubling, the French and Germans were, intentionally or not, giving Saddam’s regime the impression that they could stop a military confrontation (…) By giving Saddam a false sense of security, and thereby reducing the incentive for him to comply with the UN’s demands, the French and Germans undoubtedly made a war more likely, not ...