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About That “French Surrender” Thing ..

06.14.2009 · Posted in Editorials, Educating Jay, Pop Culture

Update (4th July 2014) – Plus ça change … Now that  France has lost to Germany at SOCCER, social media is replete with more ‘surrender monkey’ and ‘French surrender’ messages.  Update (14 July 2011): Welcome to one of our most-tweeted articles. It seems everytime the French are mentioned anywhere in the media, legions of lemmings ...

Adieu Jay

05.15.2009 · Posted in Educating Jay

You called my people cowards on a nightly basis for years based on your skewed perception of events in World War II and your willingness to please the Bush administration before and during the Iraq war. [Read Jay’s Anti-French material] While it is a fact our leadership betrayed us and surrendered us to the enemy ...

TMZ, French Bashing & Censorship

11.29.2008 · Posted in News, Pop Culture

Another Google Alert cropped up in our services, but this time it wasn’t another article about “Freedom Fries”, but – alas – “French Surrender”. As soon as we investigated the link, we discovered that the TMZ Staff from Glendale California thought it would be quite humorous to write some fluffy entertainment story about Britney Spears ...