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Website Move Finalized

In the next few weeks, I’ve slated this website for a server move. You might notice the site will go down for some time while DNS changes are in effect. Friday August 17 2012 Changing DNS of secondary domain name to new server Downloading copy of /uploads/ folder Downloading copy

Is this the End ?

It’s been close to eight years now since first appeared on the web with a clear mission: to be a Watchdog dedicated to documenting anti-French attitudes and commentary in the world of politics, media and entertainment. I enjoyed this endeavor, I was proud to do the work so many on iPhone and iPod Touch is now compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch thanks to the iWPhone WordPress Plugin. We will be working on making all sections of the website compatible, in the meanwhile the article threads are now easily accessible in this format. We have also implemented this plugin on our sister website Website Upgrade

The website is undergoing an major overhaul from December 31, 2007-January 31, 2008. We will be adding our editorial archives over the next few weeks, revising older materials and adding some new content. NB We are also looking for columnists and contributors. Please contact us with samples. Thank you