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History: In defence of FRANCE

05.22.2010 · Posted in History

“Defeated by the Nazis, but not disgraced – The German victory remains a victory, and the French loss, a loss. But what has happened over the past 70 years, particularly over the past 30, has amounted to a slow and meticulous reappraisal of what actually happened in May-June 1940. Today, current scholarship is in the ...

Barry Farber & France

04.11.2009 · Posted in Columnists

So President Obama stood on the soil of France and apologized for “American arrogance.”  Let see.  Who’s the arrogant one?  America, after doing most of the fighting, bleeding and dying to liberate France from her Nazi conquerors, gallantly lowered its profile to allow General Charles Andre Joseph Marie de Gaulle and his rag-tag Free French ...