French Bashing No Longer a Conservative Monopoly

When the American Air Force awarded a $30+ billion contract to EADS, the European parent company of Airbus, several politicians seized the opportunity to renew with another round of French Bashing. By claiming this contract will result in the non-creation of 44 000 jobs, politicians like Kansas Republican Sen. Pat Roberts have gone as far as claiming “(the US is) in the position now of subsidizing socialism”.

However, attacks are not only coming from the right, but also from liberal groups targeting John McCain for backing the EADS awarded contract. A liberal group called Campaign for America’s Future also produced a childish anti-French and anti-John McCain YouTube video.

Isaiah J. Poole, the author or the piece at, argues this issue is about protecting American jobs, however the message is muddled by the fact had to resort to the type of visual vilification and French Bashing we are accustomed to from the likes of Glen Beck, Jay Leno or Bill O’Reilly.

Source : The OlympianOurFuture.orgYouTube

2 Replies to “French Bashing No Longer a Conservative Monopoly”

  1. Gobsmacking in the extreme. Agree — bigotry ain’t exclusive to Republicans no more.

    I dare say that if at all possible, those French-bashing Democrats should realise that most French might be closer to them in political ideology, i.e., liberal, than to Republicans.

    Anyway, I would put all these French bashings to pervading culture of parochialism in America.

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