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Miquelon.org on Hiatus Until June 2012

Dear friends and readers of Miquelon.org,

I am currently very involved in the legislative elections for French Expatriates and as such will not be able to comment on Franco-American relations or issues stemming from French Bashing in the media. I apologize for this self-imposed hiatus and will resume my activities after the French legislative elections of June 2012. If you are interested in this election, I suggest you visit my personal blog and follow appropriate links from there. Campaign links will not be listed on Miquelon.org.

Thank you

– Marc A. Cormier

12 Responses to “Miquelon.org on Hiatus Until June 2012”

  1. Fred Orth says:

    I must confess that this French election has me very nervous. An election, where the voter seems to only care about limited aspects of domestic issues, may well bode poorly for the World, Europe and, especially, France itself.

  2. Marc A Cormier says:

    It looks like Sarkozy is going to win the first round and lose the second.

    While I am not a supporter of Sarkozy, the election of Hollande does not inspire me one bit. Unfortunately, there are no centrists candidates besides Bayrou and he’s sinking in the polls.

    I would not be surprised however if the French electorate elected a President from the left and gave the right a majority in the legislature…

  3. jean-paul says:

    This scenario sounds very implausible. It never happened in the past and never will. The presidential election is the key election and was always ratified by the following legislative elections. The only question mark is the partner of the PS: the Greens or the would be Front de Gauche  ? I think the Greens have for the long term a more serious future than Melanchon. Even if he has success in the presidential election his “party” is unlikely to do the same for the national assembly.  This is the opposit for the Greens.
    I can’t wait for Sarkozy to go. What a relief when he leaves the Elysée !

  4. Miquelon.org is back in business so to speak. I will not be directly involved in the election runoff, so I can resume activities if need be here ! Thanks for your patience.

  5. French-bashing from Australia?  Nothing new…but this is a new low!


  6. @poilu:

    Clearly, this mr wAss has something to hide since he has no reason to reject a foreign flag…
    Specially when it was permitted in the past:

  7. Candide says:

    I regularly notice some stupid French bashing in Zerohedge blog, which should be a high-level economical blog (not in the articles contents, but in the subsequent comments).
    See for instance the comments of this recent article:

  8. @ candide

    that’s a joke right ?

    there’s like two stupid comments out of all them

    Is French bashing talking about France  without saying it’s the best place on earth  ??

    Going after internet commenters is … kinda of funny
    watch at the 40 second mark

  9. Happy Birthday America!    Do many of you remember names such as Lafayette, Rochembeau, and De Grasse…..or are they just monkeys to you?

  10. Jean-Paul says:

    Ann Coulter is not enlighted, and the content of this article is nothing new. But it can be considered as a piece of French bashing. It is surprising to see Locke (a pro-slavery philosopher by the way, and a Briton) quoted as an authority  for the American revolution. And of course … c’est la faute à Rousseau !  In short, Hitler=Obama=Mao=French revolution=J-J Rousseau vs G. Bush=America=Locke=Ann Coulter


  11. Kevin Berger says:

    Le 14 Juillet vu par les commentateurs de l’huffington post, charmant…
    Enfin, il est vrai que ce site “progressiste” a été co-fondé par le regretté breibart.

  12. Jean-Paul says:

    C’est curieux car la photo de l’Huffington Post est un montage manifeste. Il n’y a pas de gratte-ciels à côté de l’Arc-de-Triomphe, ils sont loin, à la Défense. Pourquoi ce trucage bizarre ? Cela suggère que l’Arc de Triomphe serait inséré dans des bâtiments.

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