Website Move Finalized

In the next few weeks, I’ve slated this website for a server move. You might notice the site will go down for some time while DNS changes are in effect.

Friday August 17 2012

  • Changing DNS of secondary domain name to new server
  • Downloading copy of /uploads/ folder
  • Downloading copy of original templates
  • Downloading latest version of WordPress to Deploy
  • New NSI domain now pointing to new server
  • Download of images complete
  • Exporting XML file – Comments are now closed.

Saturday August 18 2012 – 12 AM

The website move was successful. Thank you for your patience, this was worth it from the back end, the website is faster than ever.

4 Replies to “Website Move Finalized”

  1. DNS changes?  Will it still have the same address? Will it be a mask for a DNS my ISP will have a hard time handling?

    You have great information. I think the spirit of French bashing was the same mean spirit we see in politics.

  2. No worries, it will be the same address. I have a lot of data to move so it’s  going to be a challenge but for the end user , within a few weeks  it should be all back in order. Thanks for the concern and the great compliments.

  3. Great news: Lance Armstrong has been stripped of his ill-gotten titles.

    I remember too well the frenhc-bashing that occurred when we expressed doubts at his claims that he was not doped. “The French are jealous !”, they said. “They can’t get over the fact that an American is winning their Tour de France !”, they say.

    Well, now we are vindicated ! And that feels good !

  4. Doesn’t it feel great !? Maybe Peter Carr will amend his paper titled “Lance Armstrong and George W. Bush: French Anti-Americanism and Texan Traditionalism in le Tour and the War ”

    2007, VOL 38; PART 1, pages 17-39
    ISSN 1087-1659

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