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French Bashing Colonel

09.02.2013 · Posted in History, News, twitter

Plus ça change … You know the rest. It really doesn’t matter what France’s Foreign Policy is any more, if the France is against the US, we’re the usual duplicitous, traitorous cowards that deserve to be mocked and if France supports a US intervention, then we’re ridiculed as a useless ally with a propensity to ...

Bernard Accoyer and Anti-French Prejudice

09.02.2011 · Posted in Archives, History

According to a leaked diplomatic cable, UMP leader Bernard Accoyer raised the issue of Anti-French sentiment in the United States with American Embassy personnel in February 2005. Accoyer indicated to his American counterparts that he continued to receive complaints from French constituents who live in the U.S. that instances of gratuitous rudeness motivated by Anti-French ...

Vile Frenchmen and Arizona’s Immigration Laws

05.27.2010 · Posted in Columnists, History

Lewis Black nailed it two weeks ago when he exclaimed emphatically that “Glenn Beck has Nazi Tourettes!”. Beck however, is not the only one who suffers such political maladies. Many of America’s right wing columnists also suffer from what I call OFSAS. Obsessive French Surrender Analogy Syndrome (OFSAS) is what happens when your knowledge of ...

History: In defence of FRANCE

05.22.2010 · Posted in History

“Defeated by the Nazis, but not disgraced – The German victory remains a victory, and the French loss, a loss. But what has happened over the past 70 years, particularly over the past 30, has amounted to a slow and meticulous reappraisal of what actually happened in May-June 1940. Today, current scholarship is in the ...