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Vile Frenchmen and Arizona’s Immigration Laws

05.27.2010 · Posted in Columnists, History

Lewis Black nailed it two weeks ago when he exclaimed emphatically that “Glenn Beck has Nazi Tourettes!”. Beck however, is not the only one who suffers such political maladies. Many of America’s right wing columnists also suffer from what I call OFSAS. Obsessive French Surrender Analogy Syndrome (OFSAS) is what happens when your knowledge of ...

So, Bridget Johnson, You Think You’re Funny?

07.26.2009 · Posted in Columnists, Editorials

It’s Sunday, and some news comes over the wires about Sarkozy having a dizzy spell. Whatever. But you – Bridget Johnson – think you’re the funniest thing to ever hit About.com, so out comes the references to surrender jokes. Har dee har har. I loathe thee. Not so much for making fun of Sarkozy, he’s a ...

Barry Farber & France

04.11.2009 · Posted in Columnists

So President Obama stood on the soil of France and apologized for “American arrogance.”  Let see.  Who’s the arrogant one?  America, after doing most of the fighting, bleeding and dying to liberate France from her Nazi conquerors, gallantly lowered its profile to allow General Charles Andre Joseph Marie de Gaulle and his rag-tag Free French ...

The Xenophobic French

06.13.2008 · Posted in Columnists, Editorials

Update: an apology was issued. We strongly protest the characterisation of the French (citizens of France) as xenophobic, as written in Antonia Zerbisias’ column dated June 13th 2008. ...