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French Bashing Colonel

09.02.2013 · Posted in History, News, twitter

Plus ça change … You know the rest. It really doesn’t matter what France’s Foreign Policy is any more, if the France is against the US, we’re the usual duplicitous, traitorous cowards that deserve to be mocked and if France supports a US intervention, then we’re ridiculed as a useless ally with a propensity to ...

Rihanna bashes the French

09.09.2012 · Posted in twitter

Rihanna posted a picture of her train destination via twitter to 25 million followers. The singer then lashed out at the entire nation of France because a lot of her fans showed up at the train station. The French are fuckin insane!!! — Rihanna (@rihanna) September 1, 2012 We don’t really care. ...