Bernard Accoyer and Anti-French Prejudice

According to a leaked diplomatic cable, UMP leader Bernard Accoyer raised the issue of Anti-French sentiment in the United States with American Embassy personnel in February 2005.

Accoyer indicated to his American counterparts that he continued to receive complaints from French constituents who live in the U.S. that instances of gratuitous rudeness motivated by Anti-French prejudice continue, as does dismissive public commentary and jokes. Accoyer insisted that the problem was not all that serious, but still unpleasant because unnecessary and unjustified. Accoyer accused his own fellow-citizens of not appropriately sympathizing with Americans.

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  1. Ah yes, the old “blame the victim” trick. It’s never the bully’s fault, always the victim’s. Excuse  me while I puke.

  2. I guess in diplomatic circles, it’s common to raise an issue and show good faith with self-criticism – but by doing so, you are in fact validating the “symmetrical” argument : Anti-French prejudice in America is justified by Anti-Americanism in France…

  3. It is September, 2011 and I still hear and see a few individual Americans make insulting remarks. Now days, though, they often look stupid to observers.

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