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Mark Wiberg really wants you to read his entry about Why don’t you just do him a favor? Let’s give him the attention he craves and come back here to discuss his entry?

Mark Wiberg’s entry: French Bashing Fixers – knows best.


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  1. Hey Mark Wiberg – Since we can’t comment on your site, would like to mention our statement explaining we are ‘Purely academic and charitable in nature’ is linked to our use of the Fair Use and specified by section 107 of the US Copyright act.

    Also, we are not about curbing Free Speech but holding those who use it accountable. If you want to bash the French, you’re free to do so and we’re free to document it. Some politicians, journalists, comedians adhere to a certain type of ‘political correctness’ not so much out of an actual belief but because of societal conformity.

    We like to point out the hypocrisy of those who act this way, who do show a level of political correctness on topics X, Y and Z – but slip up when it comes to the French.

    Look at us, the French, as the litmus test for hypocrisy when it comes to political correctness.

  2. Ok, let’s try this in english… I browsed through the article, not much to work with. It’s the boiler plate view of the French whinning about nothing, basically.
    I guess it’s just that we’re supposed to take being the buttmonkey of the ‘anglo-saxon’ worldview in silence, as it fits, and maybe even thank our betters.

    If the French do not go on with the program, they’re “arrogant”; if they speak back, they “whine”. Hell, just by existing, they irritate the tender sensibilities of the “adults” in charge, hence the insistance about how France has no history, no military history, no identity, no nothing… And anybody who has ever “argued” over the internet with some french-basher may discover that, if facts are (well) used against emotion-based “arguments”, the tender sensibilities are indeed very tender. Lots of insecurities and projections. Anyway.

    Il parait que le bossu ne voit pas sa bosse, in this particular case, the hunchback does not see a good part of the last decade that was marked by a quasi-hysteria about the “fwench”. If he doesn’t “see” that, what is the point? Trying to have him put on the special sunglasses? BFD.

    There really is NO point in answering that guy and his vanity website… what for? “Educate” him? Bring him some more views? The internet really is the place for all narcissists to expose themselves (la preuve, M. wilberg et ses photos de vacances, et moi et mon commentaire).


    The whole issue is that there is no changing the narratives, even bumping (crashing, rather) against the wall of Reality is unable to do that very thing.
    Ideally it should be correct the lies, expose the slander, IGNORE the liars, the slanderers, they’re too stuck in the narratives (that word, again), their world is coming down as we speak, but they won’t notice.
    If the fucking disaster that was the iraq was quietly swiped under the rug and has not even made a dent in the “french-bashing” mindset (frankly, every devout GOP’er should do as every devout ROP’er does, pray five times a day, but turned toward the Eiffel tower, and repeating “France was right, France was right, France was right”,… but I disgress)… What do you expect that engaging and trying to *reason* with true believers will accomplish?

    IMHO, it’s futile to try and “educate” leno and the assorted muckrackers-for-hire, much less the vast army of online drones and narcissists. Ignore the fuckers, denounce their lies, and… savour the irony. Courteline had it right.

  3. Mark wiberg?

    France must be doing something right by pissing the US and its followers!…. People enjoy telling jokes on others but are very offended if a joke is told about them…. The US does not like it. Ricky Gervais who is British was hosting some oscar event and he was wickedly witty and it was scary and a lot of actors did not like it. So you see, the saying goes like this ” I can tease you but please don’t do it to me”. America gets really pissed off if you dare stand up to them and challenge them. The US needs to lose its huge ego and relax .

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