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Blog Wars

09.28.2012 · Posted in Comedians, Pop Culture, Quotes, State of the Web

Mark Wiberg really wants you to read his entry about Miquelon.org. Why don’t you just do him a favor? Let’s give him the attention he craves and come back here to discuss his entry? Mark Wiberg’s entry: French Bashing Fixers – Miquelon.org knows best. Enjoy! ...

Disappearing Websites

01.03.2008 · Posted in State of the Web

Two more Anti-French Websites have gone AWOL. They are FranceSucks.com and I-Hate-France.com. Neither ever offered much more than stale Anti-French jokes or base political histrionics. It is with much interest that we maintain a list on our links page, and over the next few months, we will continue to monitor the Web in these waning ...