AMCTV: Think Westerns Can’t Be French? Au Contraire.

Robert Silva published a great blog entry over at which lists some famous French Movie Cowboys: Vincent Cassel, Robert Hossein, Alain Delon (not Deloin!), Jean-Pierre Léaud …

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  1. My comment over at AMC: What a great article ! One little correction, I believe you meant Alain DELON not DELOIN !

    There was a pretty lame joke some years ago about Delon/Deloin. It went a little something like this:
    Ugly person says: my friends say I look like Alain Deloin
    Other friend: you mean Delon?
    Ugly person: no really, they say I look like Alain, but from far away (de loin)…
    Vieille blague des Inconnus

  2. He forgot the most famous french actor in Germany: Pierre Brice, who played Karl May’s indian warrior Winnetou in a series of Sauerkraut-Westerns. The part made him famous, but he was forever associated with it.

    Other french actors who made westerns: Roger Hanin, Jean-Louis Trintignant (Il Grande Silenzio), Pierre Perret (Le Juge, where he played Judge Roy Bean), and Johnny Halliday (Le Spécialiste).

  3. Changing the subject, The Economist, May 9th issue, page 39, has a discussion on Saint Pierre & Miquelon.

  4. Appreciate the new layout. Saves me having to spend money to get into twitter. My medical bills keep going up and I really can’t afford to buy the latest “thing”.

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