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BuzzFeed and French Clichés

04.11.2014 · Posted in Pop Culture, Ten years later

From BuzzFeed.com, here is “Les pires clichés sur la France véhiculés par les Anglo-Saxons”. We’ll forgive the ‘Anglo-Saxon’ reference, an appellation no more relevant that the French being “Gallo-Franks” and take this opportunity to thank Anais Bordages and Marie Telling for this compendium of clichés. Their entry features : « Foux Da Fa Fa » ...

The Case of FranceStinks.com

01.26.2013 · Posted in Ten years later, Web

Do you remember FranceStinks.com and GermanyStinks.com? If you don’t, it’s no big deal, but back in 2003 this website was the darling of the right wing media (1) as widespread French Bashing was being unleashed on the American Public. Featuring crass and vulgar materials, the website was the brainchild of one Dan Fendel who went ...

Ten Years Later

01.07.2013 · Posted in Ten years later

Simply WOW! 2013 will be the 10th year of Miquelon.org and our bid to educate the entertainment industry, the media, politicians and the public about the ill informed roots of French Bashing and Anti-French sentiment. We – the community – have had some victories and some success, but there is still so much more to ...