Is the pissiness between the U.S. and France over?

“It’s hard to remember sometimes that France and the United States actually are each other’s oldest foreign friends.

French assistance was critical to the success of the American Revolution against Great Britain. In fact, if not for French help, we’d probably all be speaking English right now. We repaid the favor – most notably during the two world wars, when we twice helped the French drive out invading Germans.

Yet despite being there for each other when it mattered, Franco-American relations recently have gotten nastier than reheated Spaghetti-Os with franks. It’s to the point that expressing disdain for France and French-ness has become an important staple of contemporary American politics.”

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With kind permission by the author, Andisheh Nouraee

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  1. I really get irritated about this unemployment comparison. The US truely cheets by leaving off incarcerated, benefit no-shows and those whose unemployment benefits have expired – a total number greater than those recorded by receiving benefits! France figures in EVERYONE, incluting those who never get reemployed. Enough already, Americans need to get off this high horse mentality and understand that Europe and the US are far more alike than different.

  2. I should add that Europe, and France in paticular, are far more efficient than the US at delivering services to their respective populations. The US has plenty to toot its’ own horn about, but, Europe is far more foward looking, at least for now.

  3. Answer: Americans are at each other’s throat for the time being, busy busy lil loud and fat bees many of them are so have no time to dwell on their pissy feelings against the French.

    I say, don’t let your guard down. With Sarkozy takking intl lead role in putting together a coherent force to institute reforms in corrupt global financial, banking and economic institutions, many Americans won’t like it. For the moment, they are riveted elsewhere but after the election, anti-French Americans are likely to show their heads again.

  4. There are people that freezly issued that the paratroopers killed in Afghanistan , were all shoot at the back when running away!
    Do you really believe at this level of insanity that things are going to be well soon ?
    I totally agree with hillblogger and about forgive…i don’t know.
    It willbe hard..really.

  5. I must say Hillblogger you are very hypocritical and paranoid. You seem so hurt and think all Americans are anti-french but yet you insult them at the same time. now what am I supposed to get out of that?

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