Tell Us Your French Bashing Story

“Educating Jay”, the documentary about’s cross country road trip to educate the Tonight Show host Jay Leno on the role of the French in American history is now in Post-production.

We’d love to hear Your French Bashing Story. Let your voice be heard. Be a part of this documentary. Tell us your story !

  • We would love to have people like you and our long time supporters leave us a simple VOICE MAIL
  • It can be as short or as long as you wish, however long it takes to tell us your story
    • You are not required to leave your name
    • You may ask to have your voice modified
  • Please Call 646-495-9201 extension 77707
    • This is a New York number so long distance charges may apply

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13 Replies to “Tell Us Your French Bashing Story”

  1. I called at 11:30 a.m. and left my French bashing story.  If you didn’t get it, please let me know and I will call again.

    Vive la France!

  2. Thanks again, please keep your stories coming, this is raw material we will really appreciate when we’re working on the sountrack of Educating Jay.

  3. Did you hear that Jay is taking over a prime time slot?

    They are giving this hate monger prime time to slander us.

  4. Jay’s last foray in the world of Anti-French materials seems to be from late 2006 – so far we have had no reports or comments reported to us to the contrary. I am watching developments with the 10 pm slot and we’re also going forth with Educating Jay – Thanks for your message

  5. When I was in grade school in San Antonio Texas (after moving to America with my French mother and American military father from Paris) I was harassed by three volatile little mexicanos, two girls and a boy. They beat me with a stick calling me a cheese eating surrender monkey and laughed at my accent. I ran home crying and told my mom and she called the school because I had an abbrasion on my left cheek from the stick. The school did nothing! So the next day it happened again but I beat them up.

  6. Here’s my own story.

    I used to play chess in Internet. Only because of French Bashing. Now, I only play with real players. I don’t want to loose time on Internet.

    Between 1997 and 2003, I spent one hour almost each evening only to play chess. Usually, I played against North Americans. As I trained for official tournaments in France and later in Europe, it was a pleasure to meet good players in Internet.

    Here’s my description on Yahoo profile : French, living near Paris.

    Then, you surely guess what happened : I was regularly bashed, but that was not so serious. I decided to change my profile but I did not, as I’m not ashamed to be French.

    One day, I was winning when my opponent wrote : “surrender !”. I thought he (she ?) was joking and replied with a smiley. Then he (she?) harassed me and several players came, they wrote me dozens of offending messages. I simply asked them to leave, but more came after. They put me under pressure but I resisted and won the game. I received more insults and the other players.

    My Yahoo mail was bombed the night after… I received thousands of threatening messages.

    When I was a teen, I dreamt visiting the States. American dream is dead.

  7. DJU – BTW, I know how awful mail bombing can be, I was harassed to the tune of thousands of emails per hour by this insane nutbar who would use the “send this article to a friend” links on news sites.

    I had his IP, logs of what he did, yet his ISP refused to do anything at all. He was notorious for posting supposed hat tips on various pro-war blogs and claimed to be a “former Army Armor Officer” – He was also prolific on FF…

  8. Good evening, Miquelon.

    I live in France, I may call you but I don’t speak English… I fear you misunderstand my story.

    But it would be a pleasure to tell it 😀

  9. I attended a course of introduction to American Civilization last fall at the university of Oslo.
    As we were discussing about Rupert Murdoch (and Fox News), I mentioned he is a “republican”:  “he dislikes the Queen of England… and the French”. My teacher replied: “like everyone”. She’s Norwegian!!! Too much American culture in her head or what?
    I was stunned, so I feigned a laugh. I’ll be better prepared next time…

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