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  1. Marc, I’ve been giving the subject some thought, and I thought that a manifesto, brief but clear enough, in which we enounce that what we intend to fight and what we shall not tolerate, and who we are (expats, Frenchmen, &c), which could be posted in various webpages and copy-pasted freely.

    The bashers couldn’t care less, but, as a movement, it would make us be known. Of course, the manifesto would include references to and as our organizing centres, and so that people may visit the sites and be informed. What say you?

  2. What I had in mind was more of a pamphlet — a FAQ could be useful, but that could be something like “the francophile’s handbook”: a modern version of 112 gripes, only for civillians and our modern times. That could even be a section on your website, which would give nonbelievers a primer in what French-bashing is and why it must be fought.

    Now, the pamphlet would be in prose; brief, clear, poignant. I’d say one A4 page in Times New Roman 12 should do. That would make it brief enough to be read quickly and without getting bored. The text must be both gripping and concise, making use of the elements of classical rhethorics in order to shock the reader and make him understand our plight.

    The text would be signed in name of both Frenchmen and expats.

    I could give it a go, but I need material. We need to decide what “matter” we intend to cram into the pamphlet and what we intend to leave out.

  3. Great idea, André! Would be happy to sign post such Francophile handbook on my own blog page and if you permit, would appreciate signing one said handbook.

  4. Ooops, falling asleep here; let me make that a bit more clear:

    Great idea, André! Would be happy TO POST such Francophile handbook on my own blog page and if you permit, would appreciate signing the handbook when it’s out.

  5. Yes, it would be a great project. Question is, what do we keep in, what do we keep out.

    We used to have a couple of PDFs on the old site, and FAQ, I’ll see if I can locate it as a starting point.

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