Background chatter

mail.jpgComments about “freedom fries” have been showing up a lot in the background chatter, they stem from news stories about Walter B. Jones Jr, a Republican Representative who famously brought the new name to the White House Cafeteria.

Jones has since expressed regret for the “freedom fries” incident, and has become a vocal anti-war Republican. Jones was recently challenged in North Carolina’s 3rd congressional district by a pro-war Republican named Joe McLaughlin. Jones won the primary by 20 points, and despite his repentance, is constantly associated with that epithet. Freedom fries have become a politically derogatory term.

Another frequent item picked up in the background chatter, are the keywords “Anti-French” as per protests in China. This has given rise to hundreds of news items, press articles and commentary, some evoking parallels with the Anti-French frenzy in America from 2003 onwards.

2 Replies to “Background chatter”

  1. Re: US Invasion of and war on Iraq: Those French-bashing Americans and current turncoats should apologise en masse to France and the world.

  2. I am just speaking for myself (by the way i’m French). I’m not really waiting apologies, I just hope that the American administration will one day think that two countries could be allied, without sharing the same point of view on everything. Allied doesn’t mean being submissive. (By the way sorry for my mistakes but english isn’t my first language)
    Ho and by the way, this “Freedom fries” thing made a lot of people laugh here in France, because fries aren’t French, they come from Belgium.

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