2012 Election Cycle: French Bashing Is Back

Yuuuup! French Bashing is back like an annoying cold-sore. Mind you, French-Bashing never really left, it just went quiet for a while. 2012 is a electoral year in America and various candidates are vying for the Republican Ticket. Anyone who has paid attention to the world of American politics over

Bernard Accoyer and Anti-French Prejudice

According to a leaked diplomatic cable, UMP leader Bernard Accoyer raised the issue of Anti-French sentiment in the United States with American Embassy personnel in February 2005. Accoyer indicated to his American counterparts that he continued to receive complaints from French constituents who live in the U.S. that instances of

Joyeuse fête nationale !

Où fêter le 14 juillet 2011 en Amérique du Nord ? Where are you going to celebrate “Bastille Day”? États-Unis d’Amérique, dépendances et Bahams Boston : 7-24 juillet : Festival du Film Français Où fêter le 14 juillet à New York ? New Jersey – French Institute Alliance Française Où

Sneak Preview to Educating Jay

Update for Miquelon.org readers: we’re looking into ways to broadcast the event tomorrow night via a private page. I’ll update you in the next 24 hours. **SNEAK PREVIEW** Educating Jay Special Invite Closed Screening Co-written and directed by Shannonn Kelly. Music by Paul Stirling Taylor Marc Cormier, the “Michael Moore”

Is this the End ?

It’s been close to eight years now since Miquelon.org first appeared on the web with a clear mission: to be a Watchdog dedicated to documenting anti-French attitudes and commentary in the world of politics, media and entertainment. I enjoyed this endeavor, I was proud to do the work so many