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  • “Do the French have the slightest idea how obnoxious they are to many Americans?” – Fred Barnes in the Weekly Standard
  •  How Many Frenchmen Does It Take . . . Nobody likes an ingrate and a tide of anti-French sentiment is sweeping the American street. by Fred Barnes


  • Attack France! – ” We’ve got to attack France. Having exhausted itself in a spirited fight with the Nazis in the last war, France cannot work up the energy to oppose terrorism. For decades now, France has nurtured, coddled and funded Islamic terrorists. (Moreover, the Great Satan is getting a little sick of our McDonald’s franchises being attacked on behalf of notoriously inefficient French dairy farmers.) ‘ x


  • ” I actually like being in France. It’s just the only problem are the French, they live there, too. ” – Tucker Carlson – CNN Crossfire

DAVID DENBY, The New Yorker.

  •  “To Be and to Have” (The French movie, Être et Avoir) is a deeply satisfying aesthetic and pedagogic experience – though Americans may find themselves wondering how such terrific children can grow into such irritating adults.


  •  “I hate France. I really hate France. And I’m not some Johnny-come-lately France-hater, either, jumping on the French-bashing bandwagon because of that nation’s latest anti-American antics. I’ve hated those guys for years – and I’ve occasionally let my Francophobia out for a romp in public.” – Gordon Dillow


  • Obstructing the U.S. and England politically, reining in the kind of Anglo-American bilateralism that makes the French wet their pants, is the objective here – Rosie Dimanno, Toronto Star


  • « I know some veterans who would say that if the French are in training, they are training to throw up their arms in surrender. »


  • France is not just an annoying ally. It is not just a jealous rival. France is becoming America’s enemy.


  •  ” Show that we have nothing but goodwill for every smelly, wine-swilling coward in their entire nation. – Paul Bibeau” – David Frum’s dairy, email excerpts.


  • “What the French are doing is running interference for one of the most despotic tyrants on the planet.”
  • “France has seen its relationship with Saddam as strategically useful and, I think, profitable, insofar as he has been willing to buy many things that the French have been willing to sell him. And at considerable profit, I suspect. I believe the French have been, over the years, selling him armaments of various kinds. It certainly has been the case that the French have been interested in his oil, and in the hard currency that it generates. And I suspect that practically anything Saddam wanted that they had would be on offer.”
  • “It’s in the nature of the French, I’m sorry to say, to be prickly. And to be disagreeable with the United States where they believe it advances the glorie d’la France, as they say. The glory of France.”


Bill Gertz’s speciality is spreading misinformation about the French Government in the Washington Times. Here are few headlines from Gertz’s columns over the last few months :

  • Iraq strengthens air force with French parts
  • France helped Iraqis escape
  • French firm probed in move of pumps to Iran

The extent of the misinformation was such that Bill Gertz was singled out by the French Ambassador in his letter to Administration Officials and Media Reprensentatives on May 15, 2003. For more information please read the letter by Jean-David Levitte.

“The allegations of Bill Gertz in The Washington Times, for example, were never reprinted in more prestigious and more relatively scrupulous newspapers such as The New York Times, The Washington Post or The Financial Times—for the probable reason that basic journalistic checking demonstrated that the charges had little substance. Bill Gertz, reputedly well connected with intelligence circles, has a pattern of publishing sensational leaks, some of which turn out to be true, many others of which, to put it delicately, do not. Another sign of lack of credibility can be found in the logical weakness of the articles in question.” – Justin Vaisse


  • “A neo-Nazi fired a rifle at French president Jacques Chirac over the weekend. In what many observers called a surprising turn of events, the French politician did not respond to the gunfire by giving the young man the keys to the city and raising a neo-Nazi flag up the Eiffel Tower.” – Jonah Goldberg, National Review – jon[email protected]
  • “In the US, pointy-heads look to France as a progressive beacon. Hell, they elect Communists and Socialists and have prayer vigils for Mumia! (…) American liberals nod enthusiastically whenever Frenchies call the United States racist.” – April 27, 2002


  • And one likes to think that he (Vaclav Havel) would have had a fine contempt for his pygmy successor (Jacques Chirac), the vain and posturing and venal man who, attempting to act the part of a balding Joan of Arc in drag, is making France into the abject procurer for Saddam. This is a case of the rat that tried to roar.


  • “We got stabbed in the back by those assholes in France and the rest of them,” – Don Imus


  • “We are convinced that the French are haughty, stinky and perverse” –


  • “The world is all a stage and they’re (the French) actors on it and it’s all about them. You know, it’s like talking to a 12- year-old girl. It is not really about dealing with the problems of world. It is about their psychodrama.”


Daniel Kurtzman is a writer, editor and journalist. He covered the White House, Congress and Supreme Court for a daily wire service, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, while contributing humor pieces to publications such as and the San Francisco Chronicle. He has also provided political commentary for CNN, ABC Radio, CBS Radio, and a host of other media outlets around the country.

Daniel Kurtzman hosts a number of Anti-French “jokes” and such at


  • “The French hate everyone, that’s just part of being French.” – February 6, 2004


  • “The French can’t be counted on for anything. The French cannot be counted on to defend themselves, freedom, or anything else. They’re a bunch of wimpy, spineless tea bags, sitting around sipping Bordeaux and nibbling on Camembert. The time has come to deal with them effectively.” – Rush Limbaugh
  • “Why would we expect the French to fight to liberate the Iraqis when they wouldn’t fight to liberate themselves?” – Rush Limbaugh


  • “Why I Hate The French” – The French eat horse. They eat glands. They eat bugs.
  • “The French specialize in crummy cars, unjustified arrogance and mimes. In truth, the only area in which they truly excel is failure. “
  • “Therefore, considering the obvious fact that many of the French suffer from low self esteem, gastrointestinal difficulty, terminal ugliness and a rather unsightly Messiah complex, it should come as no surprise that they now wish to lose the War on Terrorism. “


  • Should the United States, or the American people, forgive and forget? Not on your life! Unless we show the French that we cannot be taken for granted or rebelled against in some adolescent acting out, we will have to put up with their ingratitude time and again. Dick Morris

RALPH PETERS (retired Army intelligence officer)

  • They didn’t even fight to free themselves. The only myth greater than that of the French resistance is the myth of French charm.
  • Far from seeking reconciliation with Paris, we should miss no opportunity, anywhere, in any sphere, to rub French faces in the merde.
  • The French stabbed us in the back. In response, we should skin them alive.
  •  Perfidy must be punished. The French, who would be eating sauerkraut for breakfast, lunch and dinner if we hadn’t liberated them, need to have their treachery shoved down their throats.
  • First Baghdad, then Paris.


  • “It was an awkward moment in diplomatic relations when French President Jacques Chirac decided to give the Pepe Le Pew treatment to Laura Bush this week in Paris.” – [email protected] – Chicago Sun Times.


  • France’s Unpaid Debt – CBS News correspondent Andy Rooney – (212) 975-3247


  • Gary Schneider is the President and founder of TheRealityCheck.Org a Right Wing Group based in Fairfield County, CT.
  • “Through any one, or an aggregation of cultural character flaws such as cowardice, greed (vested economic interests in sustaining the Hussein regime and the desire to hide them), Super-Power jealously and/or Socialist beliefs – France, like a Trojan horse, represents the Western front in effectively leading the war against the free world.” – 04/12/03
  • “How do you say “shameless weasles” in French?” – 04/12/03


  • “F the French” – Feb. 13, 2003


  • “This isn’t an anti-French column. It’s more of an anti-anti-American column, because I love America. So, how many Frenchmen does it take to defend Paris? I don’t know, because it’s never been done.” Justin Smith – [email protected]


  • We are talking about a country that insists on its ”exception,” which is only true in the sense that it actually conforms to every caricature about it: vain, cowardly, conniving, intellectually superficial, self-deceiving, politically and socially corrupt, with low moral standards (except when it comes to standing in judgment over the rest of the world), fundamentally anti-American and pervasively anti-Semitic.


  • France’s “oleaginous” foreign minister, Dominique de Villepin, had, in a United Nations speech, begun “exercising the skill France has often honed since 1870—that of retreating, this time into incoherence.” – Washington Post, syndicated columnist George Will

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