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Sneak Preview to Educating Jay

Update for readers: we’re looking into ways to broadcast the event tomorrow night via a private page. I’ll update you in the next 24 hours. **SNEAK PREVIEW** Educating Jay Special Invite Closed Screening Co-written and directed by Shannonn Kelly. Music by Paul Stirling Taylor Marc Cormier, the “Michael Moore”

About That “French Surrender” Thing ..

Update (4th July 2014) – Plus ça change … Now that  France has lost to Germany at SOCCER, social media is replete with more ‘surrender monkey’ and ‘French surrender’ messages.  Update (14 July 2011): Welcome to one of our most-tweeted articles. It seems everytime the French are mentioned anywhere in

Tell Us Your French Bashing Story

“Educating Jay”, the documentary about’s cross country road trip to educate the Tonight Show host Jay Leno on the role of the French in American history is now in Post-production. We’d love to hear Your French Bashing Story. Let your voice be heard. Be a part of this documentary.