Year: 2006

Et tu Craig…?

First it was an improvised joke last week about a French policeman guarding the Mona Lisa in Paris muttering, “Just in case, I surrender”. Then tonight it was a sketch about a French Smoking Ban with more jokes about the French Surrendering at which point you reminded people about the

Plus ça change …

Congratulations to Floyd Landis, young man from Pennsylvania, for winning the Tour de France. This is the eighth time in a row an American has gone through France and into Paris. Eighth times! Even the Germans only did it twice. – Jay Leno, Monday July 24th

Educating Jay

Holy Hotel California, Educating Jay Fans! We have just finished two days in San Diego and we’re surprised by the humidity. But the beauty and the revitalized downtown was terrific to see, as well as surrounding Del Mar area. Currently we’re in a Starbucks in San Juan Capistrano, downloading our