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South Park Bashes The French

04.24.2009 · Posted in Cartoons, Editorials, News, Pop Culture

South Park’s French Bashing Explored. The world of cartoons is a powerful way to get out any message you could never achieve with traditional actors or more conventional means. Much like Aesop’s fables, the use of animated characters often serves as a vehicle for political and social satire that avoids serious scrutiny. After all, it’s ...

About William Maher

03.31.2009 · Posted in Educating Jay, Pop Culture

Update : following the Friday April 3rd monologue by William Maher where jokes were made about the supposed non-cleanliness of the French, we have no choice but to put an immediate end to this endeavour. We sincerely apologize to our community. While some may not agree with Bill Maher’s libertarian politics, his support for PETA ...

TMZ, French Bashing & Censorship

11.29.2008 · Posted in News, Pop Culture

Another Google Alert cropped up in our services, but this time it wasn’t another article about “Freedom Fries”, but – alas – “French Surrender”. As soon as we investigated the link, we discovered that the TMZ Staff from Glendale California thought it would be quite humorous to write some fluffy entertainment story about Britney Spears ...

Tell Us Your French Bashing Story

11.17.2008 · Posted in Educating Jay, Pop Culture, Research

“Educating Jay”, the documentary about Miquelon.org’s cross country road trip to educate the Tonight Show host Jay Leno on the role of the French in American history is now in Post-production. We’d love to hear Your French Bashing Story. Let your voice be heard. Be a part of this documentary. Tell us your story ! ...

Is the pissiness between the U.S. and France over?

10.20.2008 · Posted in Pop Culture, With kind permission

“It’s hard to remember sometimes that France and the United States actually are each other’s oldest foreign friends. French assistance was critical to the success of the American Revolution against Great Britain. In fact, if not for French help, we’d probably all be speaking English right now. We repaid the favor – most notably during ...

Danziger’s cartoon

07.03.2008 · Posted in Editorials, Pop Culture

Jeff Danziger mocks the French Army following a tragic incident in Carcassonne. 17 people were wounded, some severely, including children who were shot through the heart and lungs. By resorting to the usual Anti-French stereotypes, most notably military bungling or cowardice, has Danziger crossed the line or is this acceptable satire? ...