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In French …

“La France sert de repoussoir aux Américains. C’est un pays commode en matière de comparaisons, avec des clichés des deux côtés. Quand les Français réduisent les Etats-Unis à l’obésité, la malbouffe, le racisme et l’obsession du travail, les Américains voient en la France un pays paresseux, fait de luxe et

Ten Years Later

Simply WOW! 2013 will be the 10th year of and our bid to educate the entertainment industry, the media, politicians and the public about the ill informed roots of French Bashing and Anti-French sentiment. We – the community – have had some victories and some success, but there is

Website Move Finalized

In the next few weeks, I’ve slated this website for a server move. You might notice the site will go down for some time while DNS changes are in effect. Friday August 17 2012 Changing DNS of secondary domain name to new server Downloading copy of /uploads/ folder Downloading copy