Glenn Beck and His Hatred of the French

Headline Prime News, A Time Warner Company – formally known as CNN Headline News before February 21st 2005 – is a righteous version of CNN, likely designed to appeal to a more Conservative demographic. Rich in opinion and hyperbole, light on facts, this channel features a number of talking heads like Nancy Grace, and Glenn Beck.

Beck joined Headline Prime News in May of 2006, and uses this show to promote his Conservative views. Nothing wrong with that, except maybe his rhetoric and his methods.

According to his critics, Glenn Beck has been known to use “hateful rhetoric” and some even go as far as calling him a “professional hate monger”. For instance, in 2004, Beck called Michael Berg, whose son had been beheaded in Iraq, a “scumbag” for blaming George W. Bush for his son’s death. Beck has also fantasized on air about murdering Michael Moore … Most of these quotes can be found at FAIR’s website.

Glenn Beck and the French

Tonight’s episode therefore seems to be pure Beck, hate speech and all, with his virulent yet sophomoric attacks on the French following Jacques Chirac’s position on sanctions against Iran.

What is most troublesome, is the fact Glenn Beck went from a policy dispute (which can be debated intelligently) to pouring scorn on all French citizens, the culture and people without batting and eye.

The Anti-French tirade went a little something like this:

“Announcer: Today`s episode of the show GLENN BECK is brought you to by France. Come to France, where we have lots of wine but zero spine. Viva la France. Sacre bleu.” (…)

Glenn Beck – Has the world learned anything? I’m convinced the French government is either the biggest group of idiots or they’re constantly drunk off of whatever they’re drinking, their Frenchy French wine. How many times does your country need to be overrun by evil before you finally get it, France?” (…)

Glenn Beck – I mean, I don’t know about you, but I`m to a point where I can’t even keep up with all of the reasons I hate the French.” (…)

ANNOUNCER: And now reasons to hate the French.”

A collection of images, likely ripped off Google, then files past the screen in quick succession:

Title card reads: “Reasons to hate the French”

Then follows an image of Zidane head butting Materazzi – a Bérêt – a Frog – the Eiffel Tower – Eurodisney – Hitler posing in front of the Eiffel Tower – Paté – Evian – French’s Mustard – Poodles – Fire from riot, burning car – Creamy French Dressing by Kraft – more paté – Roman Polanski – a mime – Gauloise cigarettes – Riot police in gear – Gérard Depardieu – Unidentified actress – Jerry Lewis – Gauloises again – Unidentified actor – Renault car – Another mime – Napoleon – Roquefort and of course a picture of Jacques Chirac.

The next title card reads: “Reasons to love the French” – followed by silence and the sound of crickets.

This sophomoric skit, more in tune with the childish antics of certain hate-sites not worth mentioning, or a bad rehearsal at SNL, was put together by collating a wide number of preconceived and mostly inaccurate ideas about France and the French in a bid to make light of today’s policy position by Jacques Chirac.

To some Glenn Beck may seem be nothing more than a mini-me for Bill O’Reilly or John Gibson. But for others, he’s a dangerous trend for all cable news networks, desperate to “out-Fox Fox”.

What is more troublesome from our view, is the fact hate-speech against the French is slowly creeping across the TV dial – with or without Glenn Beck – in complete impunity.

It’s time to voice your concerns

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  1. Ca me tue comment ces gars là qui parlent en mal de la france 24h/24 ne savent :

    -pas parler français.
    -pas où est la france.

    chouette blog , mais assez désespérant quant à une meilleure entente franco-américaine -___-

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