So, Bridget Johnson, You Think You’re Funny?

100000It’s Sunday, and some news comes over the wires about Sarkozy having a dizzy spell. Whatever. But you – Bridget Johnson – think you’re the funniest thing to ever hit, so out comes the references to surrender jokes. Har dee har har.

I loathe thee.

Not so much for making fun of Sarkozy, he’s a public figure so he’s fair game, but for your utter disrespect for the most traumatic event in our history. Sure the headline is from the Onion (We know it’s satire – but why mention it? That’s the issue we have), but you think it is worthy of attention when discussing France’s Foreign Policy. You see, the 1940 surrender was not about surrender monkeys nor a ten minute battle. It was about being crushed by the most advanced army the world had known and being betrayed by our leadership.

Not only is making fun of 1940 as offensive to the French as 9/11 jokes are to you, but we were not alone in being crushed. Yet I have never seen a British Surrender Joke. Luckily for the British, after 100 000 French soldiers died in 47 days (more than Vietnam, Somalia, Beirut, Iraq and Afghanistan together), the British were able to evacuate Dunkirk with most of their men, taking advantage of a natural barrier called the English Channel.

But what really grates my nerves, and the nerves of 200 000 French citizens who live in North America, is that you, and so many others, have turned this historical event into a character trait. Check out twitter. It’s two surrender jokes a day …

“Mexicans are Lazy. British have bad Teeth. Blacks like Chicken and the French Surrender”. Welcome to the world of prejudice and of cultural reductionism. But since we – the French – don’t have a strong voice nor lobby in Washington to remind you and your ilk of your offense, you think you’re still funny …

It’s been seven years of Anti-French garbage in the US media from Bill O’Reilly, Jay Leno, Howard Stern, Conan O’Brien, Glenn Beck, Dennis Miller, Regis Philbin, David Spade, Craig Kilborn, SNL all edged on by the Bush Cheney administration, yet you are oblivious to the fact this was nothing more than a political kiss shot in the build up the Iraq war.

Bridget Johnson’s Blog @ – Bridget Johnson is the online editor at The Hill in Washington, D.C.

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  1. Read the whole “article”. Sent a reply. The amazing thing is that the stupid remark had nothing to do with the subject of the article! It is there simply because she wanted to BE insulting. What a waste.

  2. Exactly ! My next article will probably be called six-degrees to French Surrender … There is rarely a week that passes when I don’t see some article with some reference to “French Surrender”. Strike in France, strikers set fire, bosses cave in : French surrender to strikers. Tour de France, Sarkozy faints, you name it, someone out there has tied any of those stories to … French surrender.

  3. Je lui ai mis une réponse qu’elle n’est pas près d’oublier, mon capitaine! Citée en grande partie de Comme des Lions.

  4. Merci pour l’information Peamak,

    I just sent an e-mail to the editor (CC to the author who’s apparently quite an extremist), asking him to remove the article and apologize.

  5. I contacted him, this was his answer:

    “There are no French people left. France is an Arabic country and leader of Muslim world”.

  6. Picking our battles: FrancisK, I am not surprized by that response. We need to pick our battles. Mind you I have been experimenting with twitter and the use of such a tool to propagate some information about what we do at but when it comes to Web 2.0, there are so many avenues for Anti-French comments it is almost impossible to get to all of them.

    Especially YouTube. I got a number of messages on there from some very nice people about anti-French attitudes on the video sharing site. Thanks to rosetteyg, thecajuncutthroat, Napo89350, Napo124 for pointing out the excesses of such haters as but I can’t be going after every one. We need to choose who we want to address : media, journalists (from real newspapers, not hate sites disguised as think tanks), politicians …

  7. Miquelon, you do  far more than your share to help. I do get concerned that since French-bashing rose in the age of YouTube,  it will remain large and forever (same as ignorance). My hope is that technology will move quickly to replace the technology with an update that moves people on to the new mode and away for YouTube.

  8. More French Bashing from the TimesOnline, and shocker – it’s not Charles Bremner ! A childish piece by Hugo Rifkind about Nicolas Sarkozy’s self hatred. While Sarkozy is fair game for anything – being a public figure – the column reads more like an Anti-French hate piece more than anything else.

  9. Marc,

    Forget YouTube! By the way, America-bashing is as prevalent there, if not more, than French-bashing. Interestingly enough, most of the more virulent US-bashing is done from countries other than France, and I’ve spent a lot of time on it. And you’re right, let’s address the more “serious” medias. Thanks for exposing them.

  10. That Hugo Rifkind coward probably couldn’t help himself.
    At this point it’s like Tourette syndrome.

  11. You don’t tend to hear Bristish surrender jokes, because, err.. we didn’t surrender. We evacuated from Dunkirk taking not only Britsh soldiers but also tens of thousands of French, Belgian and Polish soilders with us.
    We then fought (on our own) until the USA joined the war a few years later even though Hitler had no quarrel with us.
    This is because we had leadership that was courageous and was prepared to fight nazism.
    Did you know that Britain lost 900,000 men in the first world war defending France?

  12. The Big M, There should be NO bashingof anyone who suffers or dies defending democracy. I seriously doubt that Hitler was planning on stopping at Dunkirk or Bismark was going to stop at Paris.
    Both France and the UK have terrible losses from thses wars. In WWI, France lost  4.29% of its’ population and had an additional 4,266,000 injured. Britain lost 2.19% of its’ population and had 1,663,435 injured (Note that the French can only estimate. Happens when the fighting is on ones’ own soil). These losses are terrible and our societies are continuing to pay the price for these losses.
    Allies need to respect and honor eachother, without the stupid bashing retoric.

  13. “”Did you know that Britain lost 900,000 men in the first world war defending France?””

    Did you know that WWI and WWI were fought mainly on French soil resulting in massive destruction and civilian casualties ?
    Did you know that France lost more men than Britain in both World Wars combined ?
    Did you know that the only thing saving Britain from defeat and surrender was the English channel ?

  14. France without doubt suffered more civilian casualties in WW2 as they were occupied by the Germans and an estimated 80,000 French jews were sent to concentration camps by the Vichy regime. But Britain suffered far more military casualties than France in the second world war.
    The war was not just fought on French soil either, it was fought all over the world, in Asia and Africa and my grandfathers fought in Africa against the Germans and in the far east against Japan. 
    What evidence do you have that Britain would have been defeated if they did not have the channel? It’s a rather trite thing to say.
    We had a government that was prepared to fight Nazism even though Hitler had no quarrel with us and it’s a good job that we did. How do you know we would have surrended?
    I respect France and can separate the appalling actions of the French government in WW2 from the French people, but why can’t the French nowdays not acknowledge or respect what Britain or the USA did to fight nazism without saying things like “it was only the channel that saved Britain from defeat” “the British abandoned us at Dunkirk” etc.
    It’s just as undignified as saying that the French are all cowards because of the actions of their government in the second world war. 

  15. Edward Frederick Lindley Wood, 1st Earl of Halifax : In August 2008, under the Freedom of Information Act the MI5 released documents revealing the attempts of James Lonsdale-Bryans to seek a peace treaty between Britain and Germany, and implicated Halifax as James Lonsdale-Bryans’ strongest proponent in Parliament. Source :

    Arthur Neville Chamberlain : appeasement, the policy of settling international quarrels by admitting and satisfying grievances through rational negotiation and compromise, thereby avoiding the resort to an armed conflict which would be expensive, bloody, and possibly dangerous …

  16. Sorry Miquelon, I don’t understand the relevance of the information you have left above. Of course, there were some in Britain who wanted to strike an agreement with Hitler (some aristocrats) as Hitler had no desire to fight the British Empire.
    Chamberlain having seen the hell of WW1 was committed to peace, but Britain was constantly rearming up to 1939, spending half its budget on defence in that year. Chamberlain’s policy was a policy of containment which allowed us to build up arms. Remember, at this point, we had no allies: the USA refused to get involved and France was seen as unreliable,  refusing to comitt any troops.
    Regardless of the above though, Britain decided to fight the Nazis and did not surrender in three weeks like France.
    I wonder if France would have supported the UK, if the roles were reversed. I’m not so sure.
    You have clearly shown that you have no respect for what Britain did in the war and would rather paste links that put Britain in a bad light. You are unable to give Britain any credit at all, are you?
    It must really hurt your French pride that your leaders capitulated in such a short time and your country was liberated by the terrible “anglo-saxons” quelle horreur! 

  17. The BigM,  Now you don’t make any sense. As an American, I only see the French attacking the bashers, not the Brits themselves. I do see vast examples of Brits bashing anything French.
         As for the weird WWII case that you make, the UK has adopted, since inception of the Nation, a foreign policy to secure create a balance of power in Europe and, in no way, could afford to allow Germany to dominate on the Contienent. British participation was guaranteed.

  18. Ah c’était bien ce que je disais.
    C’était donc bien un troll de Bremner. Ce pauvre roquet en l’occurrence qui passe son existence en France dans la haine des français.

  19. The BigM

    If you read back in the archives in this blog  you will see that you stand no chance in trying to reason historical facts with Mr. Miquelon and his band of 5 merry warriors.  Unfortunately if you persist you will be branded a French basher and banned on this blog.

    Am I not right Marc?

  20. I have never banned anyone except people who use fake emails or people who do not respect the terms of service.

    Where as your supposed historical facts, I respond to you with a Chris Matthews HAH

  21. Marc

    I give you one e mail to my box and you just used it up. Other than that we can communicate through your site.  If you don’t like what I say just ban me but please don’t start the e mail verification schtick.  In over 5 years of blogging I have never received an e mail from a blog verifying my e mail.  Not really a good idea but I’ll give you this once.

    You have had sufficient time over the years to check me out and know who I am.

  22. We’ve had to deal with many abusers and trolls in the past so from time to time I bulk check some emails. Guess what, I found five more fakers.

    I’ll manage the blog as I see fit. As for banning, you have not violated the TOS so you can get off the martyrdom train next station.

  23. Roquet is a pathological French-hater whose “five years of blogging” consist of bashing the French daily on Bremner’s blog and previously on SF’s blog where SF himself recognized later that he was a French basher.

    They guy’s so obsessed with bashing the French that now he has to go and troll here of all places.

    Let him stay, miquelon.
    It will be fun to rip that guy a new one where Bremner and the other resident xenophobes can’t protect him.

  24. After observing this site for quite some time now it  is only too obvious that this is a basically a propaganda site,  hence the hostility to historical facts which in any way show France in a bad light.

    Anyone who dares to provide historical facts to counter the distortions, half truths, twisting of facts & lies posted by participants here to bash the British & Americans…..will immediately be called a “troll” or “French basher” and accused of belonging to various  so called nefarious blogs which most people have never even heard of.

    This pattern is repeated time and time again . The latest example is Big M’s reasoned rebuttal to some vicious ant-British propaganda about Dunkirk .
    Bashing is telling lies, half truths, distortions & twisting of facts in order to demonise . Telling the truth is not bashing.  France surrendered and was occuppied by the Germans, Vichy collaborated with the Nazis. What bought about these events was a lack of courage by the French leadership. Anybody who dares point this out this fact will  immediately be branded a troll and French basher in this propanda site. 

    It appears that the Fascist mentality is still alive in Europe .  Not surprising as fascism, nazism & communism were made in Europe   Yes, I know pointing out this fact thatt Europe gave birth to these three murderous ideologies will immediately result in be being branded as a troll and basher.

  25. Sharon, Thank you for your viewpoint. I do not necessarily agree that this blog is anti-truth, UK or US, but more of a clarification site that takes issue with certain positions taken by CERTAIN (not all) Brits, Americans, wrters and pundents. Granted, the thrust of the conversation is not about the vast accomplisments of the British or Americans, but, I believe that that is due to the need to deal with the attacks of a few. I do think that we can probably agree that the US, Britain and France have within their population some 35%, give or take, that are aggresively negative about a lot of issues, including the “foreign” elements that they see in their own nation but especially other nations. Of that percentage, maybe a quarter can be described as rabid.  I would contend that this site, and others, are targeted at identifying and supporting the reduction of the rabid bashers – American, British and French, especially French-bashers.
    As for Dunkirk, the Brits were fantastic with the individuals who sailled over in their little boats and rescued the troops. Please do also honor the sacrifice of the French troops who did give their all to make it all possible. I, personally, find it rather easy to horor and respect both.

  26. Funny,  I didn’t hear you tell those posters here who made snide remarks about the British runing away at Dunkirk & runing back to their little island  to honor the sacrifice of the British troops at Dunkirk . This double standard is what I am talking about.

    So,  I think your remarks about honoring the sacrifice of all Allied troops should be directed at them. 

    Granted their is French bashing,  just as their is American bashing & British bashing.  This is probably indulged by a tiny minority but the problem with this site is that most (including you) counter even valid criticism of France with American & British bashing.  There are countless examples of you in this site when faced with some unflattering facts about France, trying to paint the Brits or Americans as even worse by indulging in half truths , distortions & twisting of facts.

    Prehaps you & others in site who complain about French bashing should practise what you preach……telling people to not bash France while countering any valid criticism of France with attacks on America/Britain by distorting or twisting of facts, half truths or bringing up past American sins is what generally goes on here. You can’t have it both ways.

    Reading the various posts here, one cannot help but notice that this site is a comfortable place for [ Blog comment rule 3 ] who are prejudiced against Americans & Brits. 

  27. Sorry Sharon.
    But 7 years of being called a coward almost daily by your compatriots has its little inconveniences.  The French (amazingly so) are human as well.

    And this is an anti French-bashing blog.  Obviously if your sole contribution to the blog is not only trying your damdest to justify French bashing but condemning the people who fight it as well by throwing histrionics about WWII(what else) and holier than though rulings around,  well, what do you expect ?

    As for the distortion of facts, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…

    Valid criticism. Sure. But on both sides. Otherwise, it’s just a one sided bash fest and condemnations from one smug morally superior side against another side who has no choice but to acquiesce grovelingly with a smile on its face.  And you wouldn’t want that, would you, Sharon ?

  28. This is eactly what I meant.
    Anyone who dares to speak the truth is immediately bashed …as trying to justify French bashing. Can you show some evidence of where I tried to justify French bashing….oh let me see by pointing out that what goes on in this site is  people counter criticism of France by bashing Americans & Brits . That is not justifying French bashing, that is exposing the hypocrisy and double standards of those who don’t practise what they preach.  This is what I meant by half truths , lies , distortions and twisting of facts.  False accusations of trying to justify French bashing is immediatedly thrown . Whats next? I am waiting with bated breath for the other false accusations to be thrown such as “troll”  and “French basher” and of belonging to some nefarious blog or other .  Thats the usual pattern here. 

    This pattern of behaviour occurs time and time again. Level one false accusation after another to anyone who dares to point out facts which is  not to their liking.

    So thank you for proving my point. 

    PS: So, you have to put up with bashing for 7 years?
    Well., the Americans have had to put up with rabid bashing for more than 60 years ….food for thought.

  29. I recognize attacks on comments, videos, commentary slurs,political positions etc. I do not recognize this site attacking  either the United States or the United Kingdom. That’s the difference, French-bashing is directed at the entire French people, culture, Nation. Enormous difference. If you can not see the difference, then there is really nothing that I can say.

  30. Fred, of course you don’t recongise this site attacking the Brits and Americans.  I suppose snide remarks about the British running away at Dunkirk , running back to their little island is not an attack directed at the entire British people whereas pointing out well established historical facts such as the French leadership’s lack of courage during WW2 is an attack on the entire French people ? LOL

    Thanks for proving my point. 
    I am still waiting for you to practise what you preach by taking to task those here who bashed the British with their snide remaks about Dunkirk. Oh I forgot according to you that is not bashing but heaven forbid that anyone should dare tell any unpleasant facts about the French.

    Your [ Blog comment rule 3 ]. This site has plenty of attacks on America (some of the bashing is by you) which may explain why you don’t see any attacks on the USA or British in this site brimming with half truths, lies, distortions, and twisting of facts in order to demonise the Brits & USA. That is what bashing is.
    Since you are one of those who indulges in bashing America, it doesn’t come as a surprise that you don’t see any attacks on the USA in this site.

    On the contrary it is you who can’t see the difference between truth/facts and bashing.  Those who howl and scream about French bashing in this site are the ones who are the most rabid American bashers.
    Yes, I know I will now be labelled a troll, French basher, etc etc…yawn for pointing out the behaviour of some posters here . I can hardly wait for the false accusations to begin.

  31. Sharon – Could we not confuse the site’s content with the comment sections. People are encouraged to voice their opinions and it is clearly stated that comments are the sole responsibility of their respective authors.

  32. I just noticed the disclaimer was no longer visible since we changed to the paged comments plugin. I added the disclaimer to another file so it is once again visible.

    “Comments on this website are the responsibility of their authors and are subject to the Blog Comment Rules.”

  33. Can we refrain from name-calling and personal attacks in the comment section please.

    As well, all participants in the comment section should ponder Nietzsche’s following aphorism : “The worst readers are those who behave like plundering troops: they take away a few things they can use, dirty and confound the remainder, and revile the whole.”

  34. Yes, I know I will now be labeled a troll

    Wonder why… lol

    oh let me see by pointing out that what goes on in this site is  people counter criticism of France by bashing Americans & Brits .

    So it’s criticism against France but bashing against American and Brits ? Of course, master.

    well established historical facts such as the French leadership’s lack of courage during WW2

    Yeah because this website is pro Vichy sure. That’s what we have a problem with of course. Not the French people being called cowards on a daily basis. Right. And of course you were not aware of that.

    This is exactly what I meant.
    Anyone who dares to speak the truth is immediately bashed …as trying to justify French bashing.

    Don’t confuse your truth with the truth, which is more than one sided, please.
    You don’t justify French-bashing ?
    How are we supposed to take the following remark of yours ?

    PS: So, you have to put up with bashing for 7 years?
    Well., the Americans have had to put up with rabid bashing for more than 60 years ….food for thought.

    And I hate to burst your bubble but I have never leveled false accusations at anyone here.
    Telling our British friends, who come here to lecture us time and time again about the cowardice of French leadership (which is not what we have a problem with by the way), that faced with similar circumstances (ie the battle of France) they were defeated as well and retreated back to their island to regroup and fight back, which for obvious reasons was a luxury the French did not have, is not bashing or showing a lack of respect for the sacrifice of British troops, it’s a fact.
    There’s a reason Britan was never invaded in its long history and it’s called the English Channel. Another fact
    The Brits are not genetically more courageous than the French. Another fact.

    And frankly if that’s all the bashing you will ever encounter, it kinda pales in comparison to the almost daily regiment of being called a coward, smelly, arrogant we have to suffer through.

    And now if you wanna contend that American bashing and French-bashing are absolutely similar then you’re going to show us documented evidence (and not that Jean François Revel essay which, unlike alll the trolls who have never bothered to read it, is actually more a documented history of the competition between 2 ideologies than it is a history of american bashing by French people) or you will definitely be labeled a troll

    And FYI Charles Bremner’s blog is not a nefarious little blog but  one of the biggest English speaking blog about France and it has a definite anti-French slant. At least do your homework before coming here to point fingers.

    ps: And sorry but of course only someone with a major axe to grind about the French is gonna take time and come here on this anti French-bashing blog of all places to basically tell us to shut [ Blog comment rule 2 ] up and take the bashing with a smile and to not under any circumstances dare fight back.
    Who do you think you’re fooling ?

  35. “or you will definitely be labeled a troll”
    Ok, so are threatening to label me a troll unless I do as you say.  The [ Blog comment rule 3 ] has made his ruling, unless one does as they specify they will be labeled a troll.

    By the way, I am waiting for Marc to take to task Barney for name calling and other sins which he listed are not allowed in this blog. Funny somehow those who toe the party line here are never asked to follow the rules of the blog and can indulge in personal attacks, name calling with impunity.

    Yes, but now I will be rebuked for exposing the owner of this blog’s double standards & [ Blog comment rule 3 ].

    The fascist mentality such as threats of be labeled this or that is rampant here. After all it is not a mere coincidence that Europe gave birth to nazism, fascism & communism. The mentality that gave birth to these idelogies is alive and well among Europeans .

    “How are we supposed to take the following remark of yours ?

    PS: So, you have to put up with bashing for 7 years?
    Well., the Americans have had to put up with rabid bashing for more than 60 years ….food for thought.

    So, you don’t know how to take the truth? Thats the problem here isn’t it?
    When one is faced with the truth, they start howling and screaming  ‘French bashing’ when the truth is not to their liking. 
    Bashing? All major countries have to face bashing.  But it could be that some people think they are so important no one should bash them.  That is called arrogance.

  36. Godwin’s Law (also known as Godwin’s Rule of Nazi Analogies) is a humorous observation coined by Mike Godwin in 1990, and which has become an Internet adage. It states: “As a Usenet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.”

  37. Bon on va la laisser tranquille.  Ca devient trop méchant sinon.
    Translation > Don’t feed the troll.

    Ttruth from you, Sharon ? Of course. [ Blog comment rule # 3]

    ps: But it could be that some people think they are so important no one should bash them.  That is called arrogance.

    Yeah because obviously, you don’t mind being bashed yourself. LMAO

  38. Marc

    Thank you for opening up more to opposing opinions.  I would just like to add one point concerning Barney.  This blogger was also known as Flagg and other Pseudos not only on Superfrenchie’s blog but also on Bremner’s blog.  About a year ago Barney decided that he was going to use Superfrenchie’s pseudo to post on Bremner’s blog.  Superfrenchie is well known enough that there was definite a case of identity theft. I informed Denis aka Superfrenchie by e mail about the fact that Barney was parading on Bremners blog making rather strong(I am being kind here) comments to me and other bloggers under the pseudo of Superfrenchie.  I know Denis would have never made these comments as that is not his style.  We managed to get Barney’s comments under the psuedo Superfrenchie stricken from Bremner’s blog.  Denis informed Bremner that he had never nor would never post on Bremner’s blog and Mr. bremner removed the offensive comments under Superfrenchie’s pseudo. I haelped Denis with this by writing several explanatory e mails directly to Mr. Bremner in order to get this intruder removed.  Had I been such a French hater as Mr. barney has claimed for years I would have taken a true pleasure at watching two Frenchies battle it out but I stepped up to the plate to help Superfrenchie not because of any great love affair for the gentleman but because he was a victim of abusive identity theft.

    Whenever there is an opposing opinion on this blog who is their to defend truth and honesty and lable the blogger as a troll.  Well it’s Mr. Barney, Flagg of course.  He moves from computer to computer on other blogs with a plethora of identities but he always gives himself up as he repeats the same lyrics.

  39. Ah ce pauvre roquet.

    The pathological French-hater is at it again. 
    Talking about trolls… 
    Here’s a guy that’s been bashing the French daily for 5 years and who is so obsessed with bashing the French that now he has to troll the anti French-bashing blogs as well. The guy spends his life in France (or so he says) ransacking the Internet to find bad things to say about the French and apparently that’s not enough for him to get his yayas out anymore. Now he has to seek out confrontations with anti French-bashers. You’re on a downward spiral, rocket. 

    What you’re doing is not normal behaviour. French people taking offense at being bashed on a daily basis and trying to do something about it, however misguided you think that might be, is more or less normal. But there’s something really really wrong with people so intent on bashing another culture and people. Do you realize you’ve been whining about the French, bashing their culture, their history and the people daily (yes rocket, daily)for 5 freaking years. ? 
    I mean this is all you do. You even read the anti French-bashing blogs. French bashing is your passion. 

    Which is even crazier since you actually live there, which you claim to. You’re having a miserable time of it and that’s your own damn fault.

    For instance, I myself lived in the US for about a year and I had a good time. You know why ? It’s because I didn’t spend my time trolling the Internet bashing Americans and their past misdeeds. 

    I don’t know where your fascination with French-bashing comes from but I think you need help and I’m being absolutely serious. Here’s my email. [email protected] I sincerely urge you to contact me as soon as possible because I really hate to see an otherwise intelligent person destroying himself like that. 

  40. As for the load of delusional bs you have written about me (and your involvement lol²) regarding my participation on Bremner’s blog under SF’s pseudonym, there is a thread dedicated to it. Miquelon’s policy I believe.
    I hate to shatter your little scenario there, but the whole thing has already been discussed and as you can see I’m still here.

    Oh, and in case you harbored any delusions about being SF’s pal and apparently you do, here’s what you “pal” Denis thinks of you:
    Some of the commenters on his blog are also among the worst anti-French bigots anywhere online (believe me, I know. Some of them once roamed, before getting banned.)

    A ringing endorsement indeed. lol

    Whenever there is an opposing opinion on this blog who is their to defend truth and honesty and lable the blogger as a troll. Well it’s Mr. Barney, Flagg of course. He moves from computer to computer on other blogs with a plethora of identities but he always gives himself up as he repeats the same lyrics.

    Yes sorry for ruining your fellow “disgruntled francophiles”‘ condescending sermons who, I’m sure, come here to lecture us about Vichy only out of the goodness of their hearts. How nice of them.

    And oh my God. I used 3 different pseudonyms on 2 different blogs. I must be hiding something big.
    Whereas trolling under the pseudonym rocket makes you a renown public speaker right ?

    Giving myself up ? I’m not even trying to hide, you half wit.

    Thank you again for your great contribution on, rocket.

    What’s your take on French-bashing ? On Bridget Johnson’s article ?

    ps: please get help.

  41. Rocket, thank you for giving some background on Barney.
    Anybody who reads even a few pages of this blog can see that Barney repeats the same pattern – personal attacks (troll is his favorite word) at anybody who dares to give their viewpoint which is not to his liking. Threats of being labeled a troll unless I do as I say takes the cake. That is called bullying.

    I wonder why Barney’s page long personal attack on you is not being subject to this blog’s rule?  Well, apparently there is a double standard here, gee what  a surprise.

    Having come across characters like Barney before, I think the best rule is to ignore him/her.

    On the subject of bashing, I have yet to come across any major country that is not bashed . For example  Englishmen are mocked as being gay. German soccer fans taunt Brits by calling them Island monkeys.

    But of course the Americans bear the brunt of  viscious bashing by all Europeans…fat, ignorant, stupid etc . 

  42. Enough – Locking this thread. Any more messages about posters and what they did elsewhere and further personal attacks will be unapproved immediately. We’ve been through this already.

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