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Adieu Bush

01.20.2009 · Posted in Editorials

“An interesting phenomena taking place here in America about the French … a backlash against the French, not stirred up by anybody except the people.” – George W. Bush, March 2003

They say this other guy is unpatriotic, or this guy likes French people. That’s what they said about Kerry (…) They try to make it out like Democrats aren’t tough enough, aren’t macho enough. It’s the same strategy.” – Barack Obama, August 18, 2008. Sources: IHTFOXNewsABC News

11 Responses to “Adieu Bush”

  1. André Wernesson says:

    It is revealing how he inmediately tried to cover up the government’s involvement. Saying “not stirred up by anybody except the people” is just like saying “I didn’t do it! I swear!”

    I guess it was his guilty conscience — although he’s got enough innocent lives on it for a lifetime.

  2. I tried contacting Scott McClellan about Bush/Cheney’s direct hand in French bashing, no answer unfortunately.

  3. I’m VERY happy to see this guy hit the road!

  4. Fred Orth says:

    I am encouraged that even around here, in Oklahoma, persons of the far right political bent are acting encouraged and thankful that Obama is now in charge. I even got an appology for French-bashing from a lifelong right wing Republican!
    Looks like it may very well be a new day!

  5. Coward…

  6. There’s a story on the wires about Chirac being mauled by his poodle… This is the kind of story that just feeds into so many stereotypes. Or have I become paranoid?


  7. I just added another quote for contrast. Also thank you to Chris Matthews who never misses a chance to ridicule “Freedom Fries” !

  8. André Wernesson says:

    You know, this whole Roquefort thing is actually quite flattering. You’d think that after his mandate, he’d attempt to take revenge against Democrats, or against anti-war activists… but no, it had to be on the French!

    We must have been depriving the poor, poor man of much sleep…

  9. Did he really get mauled by a poodle? I found that hilarious.

  10. I was never a fan of roquefort, so the tarif increase won’t hurt me.  However, you can see the pettiness in Bush by the increase.  One last kick to the French before he leaves office.  Scumbag.

    So glad he’s  G ON E 🙂

    Now, if he had increased tariffs on French wine….!!!!

  11. André Wernesson says:

    When I went to the US, I really missed my fromage de chèvre. They didn’t really have anything equivalent, only some muck which they passed off as “French goat cheese”…

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