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  1. People smelling bad has always been a staple of the truly racist discourse.
    So have people being cowardly, backstabbing and lazy.
    Why is it that anti-French slurs particularly are so close to anti-semite and/or anti-black slurs ?

    Belonging to the mafia for the Italians or being good at math for the Japanese, while offensive, don’t really belong in the same category.
    Those are 2 examples people trying to justify the “stinky” ethnic slur often use as an argument.

  2. Reddit has been burning up with other Google Autofills. Some are truly offensive, the issue here is whether Google is helping solve prejudice by having an open discourse – or are they encouraging the perpetuation of such stereotypes ?

  3. Well, try “Why are Americans…” and see what happens… You’ll have millions of hits with “stupid,” “obese” etc. Try “Why are Jews…” then you’ll have “cheap,” “powerful” etc. Even more hits.
    There are anti-French sentiments across the world, but we’re certainly not the most hated. Now, we still have to fight against them. For example, we should ask Yahoo to remove its xenophobic questions on Yahoo answers (and not only the ones against the French, all of them).

  4. Oddly enough, this Google Suggest seems to have disappeared with a whole slew of other offensive results.
    More info here

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