French Stereotypes: Yes – Offensive? No!

poodles.jpgWe were finally able to view an on-line version the latest Doritos commercial featuring a battle between “ranch” cowboys and a motley “blue cheese” crew of French stereotypes: poodles, mimes, bérêts and bicycles? Fortunately, this commercial, though revelling in caricatures on both sides, has managed a delicate balance of humour without being offensive. Merci.

Our original request : We are looking for any information on an allegedly French-Bashing commercial by the Doritos (Frito Lay) company for a product called Doritos Collision (Hot Wings & Blue Cheese). This new commercial would appear to feature anti-French stereotypes. We have not located an online copy of this commercial and are requesting assistance from anyone who may have seen / recorded this commercial. Thank you.

4 Replies to “French Stereotypes: Yes – Offensive? No!”

  1. It’s not offensive because it hasn’t been filmed with “méchanceté in mind.

    But it would be very eaSY to be offensive with the stereotypes used in that ad.

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