French Stereotypes: Yes – Offensive? No!

poodles.jpgWe were finally able to view an on-line version the latest Doritos commercial featuring a battle between “ranch” cowboys and a motley “blue cheese” crew of French stereotypes: poodles, mimes, bérêts and bicycles? Fortunately, this commercial, though revelling in caricatures on both sides, has managed a delicate balance of humour without being offensive. Merci.

Our original request : We are looking for any information on an allegedly French-Bashing commercial by the Doritos (Frito Lay) company for a product called Doritos Collision (Hot Wings & Blue Cheese). This new commercial would appear to feature anti-French stereotypes. We have not located an online copy of this commercial and are requesting assistance from anyone who may have seen / recorded this commercial. Thank you.

4 Replies to “French Stereotypes: Yes – Offensive? No!”

  1. Mmmyesss… I guess it’s not bad. Up to a point. It is, however, obscenely unilateral.

  2. It’s not offensive because it hasn’t been filmed with “méchanceté in mind.

    But it would be very eaSY to be offensive with the stereotypes used in that ad.

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