Plain ordinary hatred

frenchhater.jpgImagine a conversation between two parties, where one referred to a third party as a “tree hugger, a bicyclist, a Frenchman and a fag”, then laughter and agreementNot politically correct by any measure. You could almost hear the voices of Ann Coulter and Dennis Miller. Now add negligent homicide, drunk driving and a suspended sentence to the mix.

This conversation did happen, between an unidentified friend and a convicted felon Melissa Arrington of Tucson Arizona. While awaiting trial, Arrington found this description of her victim laughable. Thus begins the sad story of Paul L’Ecuyer.

Many thanks to SuperFrenchie for the story.
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5 Replies to “Plain ordinary hatred”

  1. I am an American of partial French descent. This is despicable but it is not part of the American mainstream. Most Americans find this to be very offensive.

  2. “…nearly the maxium prison term for negligent homicide…” Nearly? Running over people while drunk with an already suspended liscense isn’t enough? Maybe she didn’t laugh hard enough to warrant the full eleven and a half year maxium. Gosh, just think, the worst you can get in the Grand Canyon state for pasting somebody while driving drunk is eleven and a half years, and that is only if you are really really really glad you did it….and you tell someone that…..and it gets recorded.

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