Too Little, Too Late

07drudge-1.jpgI surely hope that those Americans who renamed French fries into freedom fries, and those Americans who poured perfectly good French wines down American drains, I hope that they realise what foolishness that was” – Nicholas Burns, US State Department
The US media has declared a turn-around in Franco-American relations and the Executive Branch in Washington is rolling out the red carpet for French President Nicolas Sarkozy. But shall we forgive? Sure. Shall we forget? Hell no!

The media and politicians have decided to sweep all this under the proverbial carpet, red or not. But the fact remains, French Bashing became a mainstream outlet for the worse kind of hate speech and down right historical revisionism.

To the best of our knowledge, Jay Leno still thinks the French Resistance was “the biggest mythical joke that ever existed”. Lorne Michaels, nor the SNL crew, ever apologized for airing sketches painting the French as Anti-Semitic and countless other commentators, talking heads, pundits and columnists have gotten away with dragging France and the French through the mud for four long years.

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Marc St Aubin du Cormier

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