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University of Chicago Student and Chicago “Maroon” contributor James Conway wrote an piece on the French Elections replete with the worst kind of Anti-French stereotypes that are all derived from the usual matrix so often found in conservative outlets.

The article offers nothing beyond what one could find in the columns of Friedman, Gaffney, Frum, Coulter, Goldberg or SNL’s Weekend Update, without the polish of course. Practice will make perfect.

Now for our readers, instead of deconstructing the article, we’ve done it hundreds of times before, here is the jist of the piece in the form of tags …

[ foreign policy appeases enemies French lifetime jobs enjoy hating Jews Israel attack United States Ségolène Royal entertaining sex life France xenophobic racist dangerous superiority complex relevance France destroyed inept French military decimated confrontation Muslims ]

Marc St Aubin du Cormier

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