Should Schools serve “Freedom Fries”?

freedom-fries.jpgSelf-appointed Culture Warrior Bill O’Reilly may indeed be correct about one thing: America’s schools are a battleground for political agendas. But while O’Reilly sees the hand of “secular progressives” in the classroom, our readers have unearthed a large number of schools serving “Freedom Fries” on their lunch menus.

Back in August of 2006, the United States Capitol quietly pulled “Freedom Fries” from their menu. A year earlier, Walter Jones, the Republican congressman for North Carolina and one of the chief architects of this culinary affront to the French had expressed regret over this supposedly light hearted gesture by stating “(he) wish it had never happened.”

But today in 2007, thanks to the politics of trickle-down hatred, schools across America serve “Freedom Fries”. From North Gibson School Corporation of Prince Indiana, to Puyallup School District of Washington State, Russellville Schools in Arkansas, Madison County Schools in Alabama and Melrose Schools in New Mexico … The issue here is plain and simple: should schools be promoting Anti-French stereotypes by endorsing petty political nonsense, or should they be fostering cultural openness. Needless to say we will track down every single school until this issue is put to rest.

Marc St Aubin du Cormier

Thank you to S.B.