Reviews of Our Oldest Enemy by Mark Molesky and John J. Miller

Stanley Hoffmann, Foreign Affairs, November/December 2004

That a book as shoddy and biased as this one should be published by a reputable press is eminently regrettable. Read More

Robert Paxton

Miller/Molesky skewer deconstruction gleefully. Ironically, as other reviewers have already observed, their manifest conviction that power consists of shaping the images by which we understand our past makes them closet disciples of Derrida and Foucault. In that spirit they have constructed a wilfully one-track image of the complex history of Franco-American relations. Readers looking for reasons to hate the French, who tolerate selective and slanted scholarship, will applaud. Read More

Bernard-Henri Lévy

I know French anti-Americanism well, because I’ve fought it a thousand times — a phobic hatred of America, conceived of as a region not of the world but of Being, almost of the soul, lodged in the heart of my country’s culture.

What I wasn’t aware of is that the same fantastical way of transforming another country into a magnet for all the worst elements of one’s own national ideology was at work in America. As I read ”Our Oldest Enemy,” by John J. Miller and Mark Molesky, I discovered in the United States a parodic counterpart of French anti-Americanism, a Francophobia as absurd and as systematic as the anti-Americanism of the Parisian extreme left and the extreme right. Read More