Bush calls Chirac a Jackass in private

According to Webster’s Dictionary, a jackass is “a conceited dolt; a perverse blockhead”. It is now a matter of record that George W. Bush’s believes that Jacques Chirac is a “heavy, stupid fellow; a blockhead; a numskull; an ignoramus; a dunce; a dullard”.

This anecdotal factoid comes from of a new book by French authors Henri Vernet and Thomas Cantaloube. These journalists based in Paris and Washington also reveal much more troubling matters, including the alleged eavesdropping of the French president’s phone conversations.

These admissions are the last pieces of a larger puzzle we at Miquelon.org have been piecing together for over a year: namely the orchestrated and calculated Anti-French campaign led by the American Administration and George W. Bush.

For over a year, the hand of the Bush Administration has been visible in a myriad of Anti-French actions, statements and events across the United-States. From Larry Gatlin’s off the cuff remarks at an Iowa Presidential rally, Dennis Miller’s rants, Talk Radio’s Anti-French balking to the GOP’s attempt to portray John F. Kerry as “looking too French”, the hand of Bush’s entourage has been evident.

Never before has an American President overseen such a petty and backhanded attack on a people, a culture and their elected leaders.

Marc Saint Aubin du Cormier