Enough already with French bashing!

Dennis Miller shows how ignorant he is and dangerously naive to think he can surf on the anti-French wave in order to increase his popularity.

The French are very active in the war against terrorism and for one good reason: they had a head start on the USA. They have foiled many terrorist attacks and have tried to warn us about Moussaoui (the alleged 20th 9/11 hijacker) after his capture.

Dennis Miller continues to bring up the same old cliches on the French. His jokes are a show of pure bad taste and of total ignorance of historical facts.

The Americans know and the French know what each owes to the other: Freedom. And freedom of speech has pretty much no legal limits in America, but one has to realize at one point that racist comments on prime time television only gives a bad example to others.

Hate speech against not only the French but all other groups can only be encouraged by Dennis Miller’s attitude.

Yes, it is as bad to bash the French the way Dennis Miller does is as it is to bash the African-Americans, the Poles, the Jews or the Muslims.

Mister Miller definitely proves to be even worse an editorialist than a football commentator.

N. Verhaeghe