Dear Democratic candidate to the American Presidency

The year 2003 has been a very difficult for French-Americans, Americans of French heritage and Francophones. From the White House to Conservative circles, French Bashing took on unprecedented levels.

In March 2003, the drums of Anti-French rhetoric became so loud that some people believed it was acceptable to go beyond the rhetoric and lash out with violence.

  • Françoise Thomas, a French woman living in Houston had “Go back to France!” spray painted on the side of her home. (WOAI)
  • Pierre Frik, of Fresno California, a Lebanese native, owner of French Cleaners, suffered $500,000 worth of vandalism because his store logo was the Eiffel Tower. (CBSNEWS)
  • During the Honda Classic PGA tour in March, PGA Officials asked US federal agents and a police to give French golfer Thomas Levet more protection because of threats and insults from the crowd. (AP)
  • Fast Food chain, Carl’s Junior, broadcast an ad with a voiceover that referred to the French as « chickens » and « cowards ».

Many Americans businesses owned and run by Americans born in France have suffered serious economic hardship due to Conservative calls for boycotts against all things French.

In May 2003, Anti-French misreporting of facts became so widespread, the French Ambassador was compelled to write a letter denouncing specific news items to Congressmen, Administration Officials and Media representatives.

In December, relations between France and the United States improved so little that the people of Louisiana where deprived of a proper bicentennial celebration.

As President of, a watchdog group dedicated to documenting French-Bashing and Anti-French activity and monitoring the news and entertainment media, I would like to ask you the following questions:

 1. What will you do to improve France – United-States relations?
2. Will you make public statements supporting Americans of French Heritage?
3. Will you denounce French-Bashing as a Political Side-Show?

We are interested in publishing your responses to our community on
Thank you for your help,

Marc Saint Aubin du Cormier

UPDATE, January 25th 2004

  • December 30th – We have sent the letter below to all candidates by fax and by mail.
  • January 2nd – We have had preliminary feedback from the John Kerry Team, indicating that our request has been forwarded to the appropriate campaign staff.
  • January 4th – The Wesley Clark team has replied with a form letter pointing us to an “issues” web page that has little information on foreign policy (web site).
  • January 25th – The Joe Lieberman team sent us a form letter pointing us to an e-book