Rupert Murdoch’s Henchmen At It Again !

Rupert Murdoch’s rags are at it again! Propagandist Trevor Kavanagh from the Sun, the British tabloid better known for its rabid anti-gallic stances, has just published another Anti-Chirac editorial: « The sheer Gaul of it »

Earlier this year, at the height of France-Bashing fever, the Sun published a special issue distributed in Paris with the headline « Chirac est un ver » – “Chirac is a worm”, needless to say the issue was a monumental flop in France and only strengthened French resolve to back their President.

Murdoch’s other paper, the New York Post ran headlines comparing French and German diplomats to Weasels and painting the French as ungrateful cowards. Forgetting for a moment the fact that in the 19th century British racists made frequent comparisons between Irish people, Black people and animals, the Murdoch tabloids made name-calling their centrepiece.

Why does Murdoch hate France and the French? First of all, Rupert Murdoch argued strongly for a war with Iraq. Curiously, all 175 Murdoch editors around the world backed it as well. As well, Murdoch is a resolute Anti-European and has fought against the British using the Euro currency.

But the centrepiece of Murdoch’s deep seated hatred of the French revolves around the fact French Secret Service Officials investigated Rupert Murdoch’s digital encryption company, NDS, over allegations that it cracked a French firm’s technology and disseminated it over the Internet so it could be pirated.

It come as no surprise that during Chirac’s visit to London, that Murdoch’s papers would lash out so crudely at the President of France, a man who’s political stance against the Iraq War won the support of the overwhelming majority of the citizens of this world.