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The Anti-French Lexicon of Soccer

06.18.2008 · Posted in Editorials, Pop Culture, Sports

Italy beat France at soccer two nil. Soccer is a game of endurance, strategy and team building. Being the most popular team sport in the world, it often stokes the patriotic fibre in fans and the public at large. However, when it comes to sports commentators, we sometimes have to endure slurs and jabs. The ...

Historical histrionics

06.13.2008 · Posted in Editorials, News, Pop Culture

During World War II, thousands of American G.I.s from Camp Twenty Grand in Normandy (near Rouen) carved messages on the bark of neighboring beech trees. A local historian, Nicolas Navarro, and a number of locals were calling for the preservation of these trees, for their classification and protection as historical monuments but to no avail. ...