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French Bashing Channel Losing Ground

03.29.2008 · Posted in Editorials, News

The so-called “fair and balanced” news channel, world famous for its frequent and incessant French Bashing, is losing ground and relevancy in America. The channel has been the focus point of a number controversies lately, including Bill O’Reilly’s astonishment over the civility of the patrons of a Harlem restaurant and his comments over starting a ...

Lazare Ponticelli (1897-2008)

03.12.2008 · Posted in News

The last World War I veteran of France has just passed away at age 110. Lazare Ponticelli is the last of 8.5 million men who fought under the flag of France. Close to 1.4 million French soldiers as well as 300,000 French civilians died during the First World War. Source : News Google References : ...

How Times Have Changed

03.01.2008 · Posted in News

Air Force Buys French Tanker “There had been doubts as to whether the Air Force, and Congress, would award such a massive contract to a French firm, but a thaw in relations following the election of Nicolas Sarkozy may have eased concerns. Also Northrop claims that its aircraft will create 25,000 American jobs.” Source : ...

Plain ordinary hatred

01.24.2008 · Posted in News

Imagine a conversation between two parties, where one referred to a third party as a “tree hugger, a bicyclist, a Frenchman and a fag”, then laughter and agreement – Not politically correct by any measure. You could almost hear the voices of Ann Coulter and Dennis Miller. Now add negligent homicide, drunk driving and a ...