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Michael Savage: last of the French-Bashers?

02.12.2008 · Posted in Editorials

Über-conservative commentator, Michael Savage was reported to have gone on another anti-French tirade on his show, aired Friday February 8th. He revisited one of his favourite theories, according to which Jerry Lewis’s status in France is due to a form of closet Anti-Semitism. Michael Savage believes the French do not admire Jerry Lewis nor Woody ...

Anti-French Jabs Over Smoking Ban

01.04.2008 · Posted in Editorials

The smoking bans have barely been enacted in France and already several journalists this side of the Atlantic have wallowed in tired old stereotypes about the French “surrendering”. Our first example is Canada’s Times Colonist. Peter O’Neil and Megan Ainscow of CanWest News Service ran the following headline: “French surrender to smoking ban”. The worst ...

Too Little, Too Late

11.06.2007 · Posted in Editorials

“I surely hope that those Americans who renamed French fries into freedom fries, and those Americans who poured perfectly good French wines down American drains, I hope that they realise what foolishness that was” – Nicholas Burns, US State Department ...

Jay Leno & French Bashing

06.13.2007 · Posted in Editorials, Educating Jay

It’s been quite a few months since Jay Leno last bashed the French on the Tonight Show. In fact, some of us thought the Educating Jay project had been met with some success (Comments made to James Woods of Shark on January 18 2007). Despite our efforts, Jay Leno and his team of writers decided ...