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Fox News: French = Pepé LePew

05.26.2009 · Posted in Cartoons, Pop Culture

New spot for Alan Colmes’ new show on Fox News. The ad is a spoof of all things perceived as left-wing and anti-American. “Anybody” from France is represented by Pepé LePew, Warner Brother’s anthropomorphic skunk. h/t to Browmf ...

South Park Bashes The French

04.24.2009 · Posted in Cartoons, Editorials, News, Pop Culture

South Park’s French Bashing Explored. The world of cartoons is a powerful way to get out any message you could never achieve with traditional actors or more conventional means. Much like Aesop’s fables, the use of animated characters often serves as a vehicle for political and social satire that avoids serious scrutiny. After all, it’s ...