The White House

George W. Bush, President

  • “An interesting phenomena taking place here in America about the French … a backlash against the French, not stirred up by anybody except the people.”
  • “There is a sense of frustration and disappointment amongst the American people toward the French decision. That’s realistic. People didn’t understand the decisions by the French leadership to thwart the American desire, and the desire of others, to work on security and freedom security for our countries and freedom in Iraq. I’ve got work to do to convince the skeptics in France that the intentions of the United States are positive, And the French leadership has got work to do to convince the American people that they are concerned about the security of our country.” May 30th 2003

Richard Cheney, Vice-President

  • “Is France an ally or an adversary of the United States?” – Feb. 17 2003, private conversation with French Ambassador Jean-David Levitte

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