Chris Matthews Takes Aim At Francophobic Republicans

[Removed the video, the MSNBC source is no longer valid]

Chris Matthews bashed a Francophobic member of the House of Congress.

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  1. ROGERS: The French president said that this president isn‘t being tough enough on Iran. That‘s a clear…
    MATTHEWS: … so Franco-phobic! Every time you have to make a joke, a cheap shot, you bring in the French in some kind of xenophobic stupidity…
    ROGERS: Last I checked…
    MATTHEWS: … to play to the yahoos.
    ROGERS: … France is part of the European union.
    MATTHEWS: You‘re laughing. It‘s not funny. I know what you‘re doing here. Every time you guys make a point, it‘s with this—using the French to jump off from. It‘s not about a joke. It‘s about getting serious allies who are conservative governments…
    ROGERS: Absolutely.
    MATTHEWS: … in Europe—how many conservative governments you got there? You got Merkel…
    ROGERS: Chris—Chris…
    MATTHEWS: … you got Sarkozy, you got Berlusconi…
    ROGERS: … you‘re right, but when Sarkozy…
    MATTHEWS: … and you‘re probably going to have…
    ROGERS: … comes out and says they‘re not…
    MATTHEWS: … Cameron soon.
    ROGERS: … tough enough, that‘s a problem. I mean, listen, when the French are saying it‘s not—we‘re not tough enough, and it‘s a problem, you‘re right, it‘s not a joke. It means that we ought to be concerned that our position in the world is degrading. We want to be leading. We need to be leading on this issue. There is so much at stake, and a nuclear Iran is dangerous for the world and it‘s dangerous for us… […]
    ROGERS: … beating up on the Democrats!
    MATTHEWS: I don‘t know—OK, OK. Let‘s do the same old French jokes again. The fact of the matter is that Europe is moving to the right. We‘ve got a lot of allies over there. Let‘s get together. Two weeks is hardly worth arguing about. Why don‘t we come back in two weeks and see what the president‘s got, what he‘s going to do here or just more talk.

    Source : MSNBC

  2. Thanks for the information.  I’m glad the trend is moving away from French-bashing.

  3. Has anyone been watching FoxNews lately? On Wednesday, Bill O’Reilly shows a list of “combatant coalition forces” omitting, of course, France. I wrote him a polite letter, asking him to correct his mistake and give credit where credit is due. On Thursday, O’Reilly apologizes on his emails final segment, as he (rightly) corrects himself for omitting… Australia (for the record, Australia’s casualties are 11, France is at 39). Can you believe this guy? 

  4. FrancisK, Thank you for your courage to listen to Fox. I really don’t see any solution for a media entertainment center which exist exclusively to push an adgenda. The sad part is that there are those who rely on these people for their news and “insight”. Lies can be so long lived.

  5. This is bad times for French-bashers – very recently the Taliban targeted a French general for assasination.  They missed but instead killed Aghan civilians including children.  Indeed a bad day for France-haters and the Talibs.

  6. More bad news for the anti-French….French troops advancing against Taliban and Al-Qaida in both  Uzbeen Valley north of Kabul and Tagab valley in Kapisa province.  France-haters are weeping at this success against their terrorist friends.

  7. The anti-French crowd, unfortunately, does not care about such pesky things as facts or reality.

    cf: the SP episode where the French navy surrenders to the Somalian Pirates.

  8. you are cheese-eating surrender monkeys.  deal with it.  you surrender to everyone and everything all the time.  stop whining and shut up.

  9. chris,

    Who is “everyone” and when is “all the time”? Give us examples instead of talking out of your ass.

  10. Hey Chris — you are green tentacled masonic lizardmen from space. Because I say so. Deal with it.

  11. Chris – you are an ignorant racist sub-human.
    Deal with it.

    Any examples of this permanent surrender ?

  12. Chris, regarding Iraq, remember France was right, the United States was wrong.

    You need to learn more about France and the French.  You’re very ignorant.  You should learn about other cultures and other countries too.

    Don’t be so childish.  Be a man, not a boy.

    Vive La France!


    Look at the comments. There.

    Posted by: WERNESSON | 22 Nov 2009 17:45:07

    Posted by: WERNESSON | 22 Nov 2009 16:09:48

    I did NOT post these comments. Do note that I agree with the substance of those comments; but using my identity to post on internet sites is UNACCEPTABLE.

    The culprit is either someone from this site or, and I would like him to step forth and EXPLAIN.

  14. Well it certainly isn’ t me.
    Bremner’s blog disgusts me.
    I haven’t even been there in more than a year.

  15. Do you think Bremner uses fake comments?

    He, or his staff, probably troll and for usernames and use them to incite reactions from readers. Not the first time I’ve seen this.

  16. Andre, Marc:  This situation is truely sad. I feel that Andre has every right to be angry.  I just have no idea how to stop this absurd kind of activity.

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